The London Dental Institute has an interest in research in all aspects of dentistry, with a recent focus on orthodontics and dental implantology. Additionally, a range of research assistance services are offered to support academic, businesses and industry partners.

We understand the challenges that conducting research can bring in a modern, globalised world. All our research services are undertaken in accordance with local rules and ethical protocols. We offer a comprehensive range of services to support research, from reviewing existing research projects to fully serviced trial management.

Our most popular offers include study design and methodology, research management, statistical analysis, literature reviews and preparing papers for publication.

Study Design & Approval

Our team of experienced researchers can offer as much or as little help as you need to get your project off the ground. Whether you need help setting a research question, designing a study protocol from scratch or already have an existing design that needs reviewing, we can help you to achieve your research goals. For research that requires ethical approval we can offer assistance throughout the application process.

Funding Support

We offer assistance with calculating likely costs involved in a research project and setting an appropriate budget. If your research requires funding, we can identify potential sponsors and other sources of funding. We understand the importance of maintaining impartiality and the value of unbiased results and can help in identifying funding resources which will minimise the impact on your results. Furthermore we can write and review funding applications.


We offer a range of services for randomised clinical trials including the development of a blinding and randomisation methodology, building and testing specific randomisation systems, in depth simulation of randomisation to check for balance across study arms, planning for maintenance of randomisation and blinding procedures, trial management and oversight to ensure the maintenance of randomisation.

Publication Assistance

We offer full service assistance to take your project from an idea all the way through to publishing. Our services include consulting on research viability and writing trial briefs, managing data sets and statistical analysis, reviewing articles and writing or editing to a publishable standard, sourcing journals, applying for publication and liaising with editorial staff.

Data Management

A large or lengthy project can often generate a lot of data. To ensure data integrity we can design data management systems and databases bespoke to your project. Further advice can be offered on secure data storage, analyses and statistical testing.

Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

We have a vast amount of experience in designing and performing literature reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Popular services include literature search and critical appraisal, collating results and statistical analysis.

Recent Research Topics

Research topics recently undertaken include orthodontic stability and retention with both fixed and removable retainers, gingival recessions and periodontal defects, digital implant treatment planning and guided dental implant surgery.

Contact Us

Get in touch with the London Dental Instititue team and let us know how we can help you to reach your research goals. To discuss your projects further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.