Why distance learning is ideal for dental postgraduates

Having already spent years at university and built up a worrying amount of student debt, you may be put off by the idea of returning to study when you’ve already started to settle into your general dentistry role, and to address the unhealthy bank balance left after finishing your studies.
However as all healthcare professionals know, the learning cycle is never complete, and the best clinicians will strive to continue learning and development of their skills throughout their career in order to provide the best care possible for their patients.

Here are a few more reasons why distance learning can advance your clinical capacity, and lead to a more fulfilling career in dentistry.

Greater flexibility

Most full-time study routes in orthodontics, oral surgery and aesthetic and restorative dentistry can be restrictive in terms of your ability to continue work a day to day job, but with distance learning, you can study in your own time and still easily keep your career plans on track.
All that’s needed to complete the online elements of our courses is a computer and access to the internet, so you can study when and wherever suits you.

Explore the subject of your choice

With distance learning, most courses run for a maximum of 12 months, giving you the freedom to explore the area of dentistry you are most interested in without a long-term time commitment, unlike full-time postgraduate study. In just 12 months you can achieve a professionally-recognised qualification in the area of your choosing, This gives a credible and qualifiable reward for the time and finance spent, unlikely some knowledge only courses.

Revisit learning at your own pace

If you’ve ever walked away from a lecture and revisited your notes only to find there are big gaps in your knowledge, then you’ll appreciate the ability to revisit modules that distance learning provides.
Being able to go back over any areas you’re not sure of or what to look at in more detail at a time that suits you is perfect for those of us with busy lives, and this is one of the main benefits that students studying with the London Dental Institute enjoy.

Take your career to the next level

With distance learning from the London Dental Institute, you won’t need to give up your role in general dentistry to improve your skillset. Instead, you’ll be encouraged and supported as you learn new clinical techniques that you can later use as part of the career you’ve already started to create for yourself. A distance learning course will also improve your earning potential too as you will graduate with the ability to confidently and ethically offer more services to your existing patients.