Why patients are turning to their general dentist for orthodontic care

There are plenty of orthodontic specialists and general dentists out there, but when it comes to orthodontic care, patients are definitely more likely to engage with your practice if you can offer orthodontic services as well as general dentistry.

In this blog, we’ll examine the reasons why clients prefer to go to their general dentist for orthodontic treatment and why providing services such as braces can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

You’ve already got a long-standing relationship

Many people tend to find a good general dentist and stick with them for many years. In some cases, patients that have been coming to see you for a while also bring along other members of their family as referrals. This is thanks to the confidence they feel and the fact that you have steadily built up a relationship built on trust and excellent service.

In the case of nervous patients, once they feel comfortable with you and you’ve proven your abilities in general dentistry, they are much more likely to feel comfortable with you carrying out orthodontic work than someone they don’t know and trust.

Convenience for the patient

Having the ability to keep orthodontic care in house instead of sending your patients elsewhere for treatment isn’t just good for your business, but it is also far more convenient for those who have chosen you as their dentist.

You might be one of the easiest to reach practices from their home or place of work and have plenty of parking available nearby, so having the skills and ability to offer orthodontic care at your practice is a definite plus.

You can provide a comprehensive treatment plan

Your multidisciplinary skillset means that you can create and execute a comprehensive treatment plan and can manage your patients through the entire process.

It also helps you keep track of treatment progress and spot any potential problems before they occur, which isn’t always possible when several dental professionals are working with the patient. The ability to catch and treat any issues during and after orthodontic care is a big bonus too, so it’s easy to see why more people prefer to work with their general dentist rather than several specialists as they may have conflicting views that might jeopardise the final results of the treatment.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics is a postgraduate course provided by the London Dental Institute for general dentists who want to enhance their orthodontic skills.