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Thrive With Exceptional Dental Education With LDi

At The London Dental Institute, our mission is crystal clear.

We’re dedicated to helping dental professionals further their career with advanced practical and theoretical postgraduate education. With our programmes, dentists are better equipped to deliver outstanding patient care and dental treatment in the fast-changing landscape of modern dentistry.

Be an unstoppable force for good with world-class postgraduate education at your fingertips at the London Dental Institute.

Welcome To The London Dental Institute

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Our Vision: Excellence In Education & Clinical Care

We are driven by our vision to become the leading online dental professional development provider and offer excellence in education and clinical care.

Our postgraduate courses embody evidence-based teaching, sophisticated patient care planning, and innovative research methodology. The LDi is steadfast in its commitment to delivering a diverse range of advanced, high-intensity practical education to dental professionals worldwide.

We aspire to inspire a new generation of dentists with postgraduate qualifications that will propel their careers forward. To achieve this, we’ve formulated a creative and accessible approach, offering online postgraduate dental programmes that cater to diverse learning styles, as well as modern in-person training sessions held in the vibrant city of London.

Our ultimate goal is to create a community that strives to transform and shape dental practice that improves professional dental standards on a global scale.

Our Values

We are committed to furthering dental education

We are accessible and prioritise community

We are open and inclusive

We lead with optimism and seek to inspire

We elevate innovation & we embrace the latest technologies

Our Purpose: A Unique Approach To Dental Education

At the London Dental Institute, we take pride in our unique approach to dental education, which combines distance learning with an annual face-to-face practical teaching conference for a seamless studying experience. This innovative method allows dental students to become experts in their chosen fields while enhancing their clinical skills.

By facilitating online courses complemented by in-person teaching conferences, we aim to foster a robust community of dental professionals who can network, collaborate, and learn from each other’s experiences. Our dedication to increasing accessibility to dental education extends not only to dentists in the UK but also to those across the world.

Empowering Dental Professionals Worldwide

Whether you aspire to become a leading expert in your field or seek to refine your clinical skills and knowledge, our courses at LDi are tailored to empower students to go further in their dental careers without compromising on their professional commitments. We understand the challenges and demands that dental professionals face in modern clinical practice. Therefore, we have carefully designed our courses to provide a flexible and dynamic learning experience that seamlessly integrates with your existing professional responsibilities.

Through the London Dental Institute, you can embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth, acquiring the tools and expertise needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of dentistry. 

Join our community of dental professionals to shape the future of dental education and elevate the standard of patient care worldwide. Whether you join us online or in-person in London, we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you aboard and support you in furthering your dental career.

What Students Are Saying

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this learning process with LDi. The content was very good and the teaching methods were very helpful in giving the right kind of guidance for our clinical practice. The supervisor at the clinic I was working in was very impressed with the course, especially the syllabus. It made me very happy and more confident that I’m learning exactly what is going to help me become a better dentist and give the best treatment to my patients."
Dr. Tejaswi Morkhandikar
PG. Dip Graduate, India
"Doing this programme I had an instant benefit in my clinical work, even at the beginning before I started seeing any patients. The course helped me with guiding patients, children especially to getting the right referrals done and eventually being able to start my own treatment and help them out myself."
Dr. Abhinav Chandrasekar
PG. Dip Graduate, UK

Our Community

At the heart of the London Dental Institute is not only our stellar teaching standards, but also a welcoming community that brings dental professionals together from around the world. With a shared passion for continuous learning and growth, we’ve created a dental community that believes in the power of collaboration and support while encouraging open dialogue and a flowing exchange of ideas.

Be surrounded by like-minded individuals and mentors who are passionate about improving oral health for quality dental care and making a positive impact worldwide.

Get involved, get engaged and be a part of our global dental community at the London Dental Institute.