Our Mission

Postgraduate Dental Education Worldwide 

Quality postgraduate dental education at your fingertips. That’s our ethos.

At LDi we provide exceptional, high quality teaching for dental professionals worldwide offering a world-class, internationally-recognised education without any visa restrictions. Commuted to diversity and inclusion, our goal is to equip dentists with the methodology to improve patient outcomes, wherever they are.

Achieve a high clinical aptitude and deliver excellent patient care with confidence — enrol with the London Dental Institute now.

Our Story

As experienced dentists who have undergone the rigours of training and postgraduate dental education, we realised that many courses failed to provide a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Our vision is to provide dentists with advanced skills for the rapidly evolving and demanding field that is modern day dentistry. Having completed many long and short term postgraduate courses all over the world, we realised that whilst there were various merits to these courses, many failed to provide a good balance between theoretical and practical training that was relevant to the situations that would be encountered when treating our own patients in general practice.

As such, the teaching and knowledge that was acquired would often feel distanced from the reality of the clinical environment. As such, the aim and ethos of the London Dental Institute was born, with a drive to ensure that dental postgraduate education could be delivered more effectively, and more efficiently for dentists around the world.

Welcome to The London Dental Institute (LDI), a place where we don’t settle for ordinary but deliver the extraordinary. Our mission is clear: to provide dentists from around the world with an up-to-date, advanced practical education that equips them to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of modern dentistry. With our outstanding postgraduate education at your fingertips, you can become an unstoppable and well-rounded specialist dentist, delivering quality patient dental care that sets you apart.

Why Choose The London Dental Institute?

At LDI, we believe that success lies in our commitment to robust research and up-to-date practical education for dentists. Our courses attract dental professionals from all over the world who seek to advance their careers with an internationally recognized qualification that showcases their skillset and dental aptitude.

Our vision is centered on providing dentists with the advanced skills needed to navigate the fast-paced and dynamic nature of modern-day dentistry. Having completed numerous postgraduate courses worldwide, our founders recognized the need for a better balance between theoretical and practical training that applies to real-world clinical scenarios. This realization gave birth to the aim and ethos of the London Dental Institute, driving us to deliver dental postgraduate education more effectively and efficiently for dentists worldwide.

What Sets Us Apart?

Outstanding Faculty: At The London Dental Institute, our students are our priority, and that’s why our teaching is delivered by some of the brightest minds and most experienced individuals in their respective fields. Our world-class faculty is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, ensuring a transformative learning experience for every student.

Blended Learning Approach: Our courses embrace a blended learning approach, allowing you to fit your studies around your work schedule and lifestyle. The key elements of our learning include:

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Our two-way learning environment provides access to lectures, case discussions, mentoring, and feedback. The VLE serves as the central hub of our dental community, accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Annual Conference & Practical Teaching Blocks

Supplement your online learning with week-long face-to-face practical sessions during our optional annual conference. These sessions help you brush up on your clinical skills and network with peers.

Accessible Education

Our courses are designed to be accessible to students from all corners of the globe. Whether you’re in London or any other location, our innovative online platform ensures you can attain a globally recognized qualification without compromising your professional commitments.

LDi Mobile App

Learn on the go with our convenient app, allowing you to continue your studies seamlessly from your mobile devices.

Practical Training Kit

As an LDi student, you receive our Practical Training Kit to simulate dental treatment and build confidence with your first patients.

Improve your career prospects and elevate your dentistry skills with The London Dental Institute. Our commitment to providing advanced practical education, coupled with the prestige and allure of London, sets the stage for an exceptional learning journey. Join us at LDi, where you can learn from some of the brightest minds in dentistry, access a dynamic and social learning environment, and become part of a vibrant professional community. Take the next step in your dental career and unlock your full potential with LDi.

Why Choose The London Dental Institute?

London, the bustling and vibrant capital city of the United Kingdom, is a global hub of excellence in education, research, and healthcare. Renowned for its diverse and cosmopolitan atmosphere, as well as its rich historical heritage, London is the ideal setting for pursuing higher education. Recently named the best city in the world to study for the second consecutive year (QS Top Universities), the prestige and reputation of studying in London are unparalleled. As a city that boasts several renowned research and teaching establishments, including four undergraduate teaching hospitals, London offers a wealth of opportunities for professional growth and exploration.

When you choose The London Dental Institute, you not only gain access to a high-quality postgraduate education but also embark on an exciting journey of discovery in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Our institute provides a unique opportunity to combine academic excellence with the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene and rich history of London.

Our Journey and Vision

The inception of The London Dental Institute is rooted in a vision to empower dentists with advanced skills tailored for the fast-paced and demanding field of modern-day dentistry. Our founders, having completed numerous postgraduate courses around the world, recognized that while these courses had their merits, many fell short in striking the right balance between theoretical and practical training relevant to real-world clinical scenarios in general practice. As a result, the knowledge acquired often felt distant from the realities of the clinical environment.

Driven by a passion to redefine dental postgraduate education, The London Dental Institute was born. Our ethos centers on delivering education that is not only more effective but also more efficient for dentists globally. Our commitment lies in bridging the gap between theory and practice, equipping our students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their clinical careers.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Practical Education: Our courses are meticulously designed to provide dentists with specific practical skills, knowledge, and clinical techniques relevant to their daily practice. We focus on preparing our students for the challenges they will encounter in real-world clinical settings.

World-Class Faculty

At The London Dental Institute, we are proud to have a team of renowned experts and experienced professionals as part of our faculty. Our educators are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with our students, ensuring a transformative learning experience.

Modern Teaching Methods

We embrace cutting-edge teaching methodologies to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. From online resources to live study clubs, our courses offer a dynamic and social learning environment that goes beyond traditional methods.

Exclusive Virtual Learning Environment

Our bespoke online training platform, the VLE, offers 24/7 access to a wealth of academic resources, clinical case discussions, Q&A sessions, and expert case support. The VLE serves as the central hub of our welcoming and inclusive professional community.

The London Experience

Studying at The London Dental Institute provides you with the opportunity to be a part of one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Explore its iconic landmarks, cultural attractions, and diverse culinary scene while advancing your dental education.

At The London Dental Institute, we are committed to empowering dentists worldwide with advanced skills and knowledge to meet the demands of modern dentistry. Our unique approach to education, coupled with the allure of London as your backdrop, sets the stage for an exceptional learning journey. Join us at The London Dental Institute and take your dental career to new heights. Together, let’s shape the future of dentistry and make a lasting impact on patient care and dental practice.