Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry Course

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Diploma In
Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.)

Our 12-month online course offers broad training in aesthetic dentistry and restorative methods so you can confidently provide your patients with a high standard of dental care.

Next Course Starts on 31st May 2024

Next Course Starts on
31st May 2024

Learn from our Faculty of World-Leading Experts
Enjoy Hands-On Experience with Restorative Materials
Join a Dynamic Community of Like-Minded Colleagues

Learn from our Faculty of World-Leading Experts

Enjoy Hands-On Experience with Restorative Materials

Join a Dynamic Community of Like-Minded Colleagues

Why Choose Our PG Dip. Programme?

Our Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.) course gives you access to cutting-edge dental education from a world-leading faculty, all at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Online Learning Platform

Our bespoke VLE offers hundreds of hours of lectures, webinars, instructional videos, clinical guides, and protocols.

LDi App

Receive convenient access to all study materials on the go to study at a time that suits you with the LDi app.

Expert Clinical Support

Upload your cases on the platform for unlimited clinical support from our highly experienced clinical tutors and lecturers.

Live Study Clubs

Participate in regular Live Study Clubs via Zoom and discuss key concepts and case-based examples with peers.

Hands-On Practical Training

Gain essential practical skills with our comprehensive Practical Training Kit, delivered directly to your doorstep at no additional cost.

Face-to-Face Training

Our regular in-person training events include practical workshops, hands-on sessions, and case-based discussions.

Course Overview

The PG Dip. in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry offers a comprehensive curriculum and flexible online learning tools to enhance your core skills and excel in complex restorative cases.

With our adaptive online learning platform, a Practical Training Kit shipped anywhere in the world, and the LDi app, you can study practical and theoretical knowledge from anywhere, easily fitting your studies around your busy schedule.

Your Ticket to Offering Advanced Restorations & Treatment Options

Our course is specifically designed to offer continuing education in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, empowering you to deliver a wide array of treatment options to your patients backed by the latest dental literature.

Upon completion of this programme, you’ll be empowered to offer a broader range of treatments, increasing your earning potential and delivering better outcomes to your patients.

Module Overview

The Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.) comprises six online learning units, each containing several teaching modules. The course is delivered by an international faculty of over 30 expert lecturers, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality learning experience.

Unit 1 - The Foundations of Restorative Dentistry

In this introductory unit, students will gain a solid understanding of the essential foundation for aesthetic and restorative dentistry. 


The course covers craniofacial anatomy, providing insights into the oral region’s structure, plus the concepts of biomimetic dentistry and the significance of mimicking natural tooth structures. Additionally, clinical research skills will be emphasised, laying the groundwork for evidence-based practices.

Unit 2 - Principles of Assessment and Diagnosis

Unit 2 delves into the principles of assessment and diagnosis, which are crucial for a patient-centred approach. 


Modules in this unit focus on clinical photography for documentation and communication purposes, smile design for achieving aesthetic treatment outcomes, and comprehensive treatment planning for managing complex cases. These modules equip students with a systematic approach to patient assessment and treatment planning.

Unit 3 - Fundamental Clinical Skills

This unit further develops students’ fundamental clinical skills in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. 


Key topics include understanding occlusion, mastering shade analysis, and learning practical bonding and isolation techniques. Students will also gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary dental materials and teeth whitening techniques, providing a solid foundation of practical skills necessary for successful clinical practice.

Unit 4 - Aesthetic Dental Restorations

Unit 4 provides direct and indirect restorations for both anterior and posterior teeth. 


Students will enhance their skills in tooth preparation and provisional restorations, learning protocols for restoration delivery and adhesion, and ensuring long-term treatment success. This unit covers both conventional restorations and adhesive restorative techniques, utilising a wide range of dental materials to perform a diverse set of restorative procedures for optimal aesthetics and function.

Unit 5 - Complex and Multidisciplinary Treatment

Unit 5 tackles complex and multidisciplinary treatment scenarios in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. 


Topics covered include tooth surface loss, periodontology, restoration of endodontically treated teeth, and the orthodontic restorative interface. Students will develop competencies to handle intricate cases involving multiple dental disciplines.

Unit 6 - Advanced Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry

The final learning unit covers advanced aspects of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. This includes techniques for aesthetic removable prostheses, implant restoration, and digital dentistry.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn about teeth, facial aesthetics and marketing strategies for an aesthetic dental practice, preparing them for real-world challenges in the field.

Course Fee

At just £9,995, payable in instalments, the course is a cost-effective investment in professional development.

An initial payment of £575 secures your place on the course and covers the first module’s tuition. The remaining course fee can be spread across 12 monthly instalments of £785. Alternatively, pay in full and benefit from a 5% discount, making the course fee just £9,495.25.

VAT applies to course fees for UK applicants.


Upon successful completion, every student is awarded a Level 7 Diploma, a prestigious UK-accredited qualification that demonstrates your expertise in aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

The comprehensive syllabus is designed to fulfil the needs of modern clinical practice, and aims to empower you with the knowledge and clinical expertise you need to confidently provide top-tier dental care.

Diploma Entrance Requirements

To enrol in the Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.) course, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a primary dental qualification (e.g., BDS or equivalent).
  • Hold a minimum of one year’s experience as a registered dental practitioner.
  • Demonstrate English language proficiency (if English is not their first language).


Throughout the course, students will undergo assessment through three multiple-choice exams to evaluate their knowledge of the theoretical concepts covered in the course.

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How is the course delivered?

The course is 100% online. Students access our bespoke and interactive e-learning platform with online lectures, webinars, and practical techniques. As well as this, the course is supplemented by our remote sessions – Live Study Clubs. In these sessions, students can ask questions, interact with their tutor, and gain a live understanding of challenging topics. Although these are held live, students can access recordings of them to catch up or review via their profile on the VLE.

What qualification will I be awarded?

Upon completion, students receive the LDi Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.), accredited as Level 7 by EduQual Level 7, a globally recognised UK qualifications regulator.

How much is PG dentistry in UK?

The cost of postgraduate dentistry (PG Dentistry) in the UK can vary depending on the cost of a specific university or institution offering the programme and the type of postgraduate course you choose. At LDi, every PG Diploma course costs £9,995, which can also be paid in monthly instalments, making it a financially viable option.

How can taking a course in aesthetic and restorative dentistry benefit clinical practice?

Taking a course in aesthetic and restorative dentistry can significantly enhance clinical practice by providing dental professionals with advanced knowledge, skills, and techniques to offer high-quality aesthetic and restorative treatments to their patients.

What factors are considered during complex treatment planning?

During treatment planning, various factors are considered, including the patient’s oral health history, existing dental conditions, medical history, aesthetic concerns, financial considerations, and other relevant patient-specific factors.

How long does it take to become a restorative dentist?

The timeline to become a restorative dentist can vary based on individual circumstances, the level of expertise you aim to achieve, and the type of training programme you select. When you choose to study Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry, the entire diploma takes 12 months, and you can begin accepting patients as soon as you begin the course.

What are the English language requirements for postgraduate students?

Applicants should have proficiency equivalent to IELTS Level 7 or equivalent.

Will I be treating live patients?

Students are encouraged to treat patients in their clinic/office during the course. Mentoring and preparation for clinical cases will be provided by course tutors online through the case support feature of the VLE.

Can I study dentistry in UK as an international student?

Yes, you can, but with the LDi, you can also study postgraduate dentistry courses online without needing to travel to the UK. Although we hold in-person sessions in London, participation is optional and not a requirement for the Diploma course. Additional fees apply for this conference.

What is the main difference between a Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry and an MSc Restorative Dentistry?

The main difference between the two lies in academic achievement and depth of study. A Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry is a postgraduate qualification that focuses on specific skills and techniques in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. On the other hand, an MSc in Restorative Dentistry is a more comprehensive programme that involves in-depth research, advanced clinical training, and a broader understanding of the subject.

An MSc in Restorative Dentistry would need to be undertaken as an in-person course and comes with additional costs and logistical challenges.

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