Our Global Community

The LDi isn’t just an online dental school. We’re a vibrant global community of dental professionals. 

Gain access to a thriving community of like-minded professionals dedicated to advancing and providing exceptional patient care. Participate in live study sessions and peer discussions, with access to expert tutor support to boost your learning. 

Expand your career opportunities through a dynamic and welcoming dental learning network. Enrol with the London Dental Institute and join our community today.

Stay Supported While You Learn

Prioritising your success and wellbeing throughout your dental education is what we do at the LDi. We understand that pursuing postgraduate courses in dentistry can be demanding and comes with a plethora of challenges. We’re committed to providing you with consistent support to help you excel and move your dental career forward.

At the London Dental Institute, our dedicated team of experienced clinical tutors will always be here to guide and mentor you through your chosen course of study. From answering your questions and providing you with feedback to conducting live study sessions and discussing patient case studies, we strive to nurture a learning environment and a welcoming community in which you can continuously flourish.

Whether you’re a seasoned dentist seeking to refine your expertise or an aspiring specialist aiming to break new ground, the LDi community will provide the support you need to thrive. 

Navigate the path to success and be part of a network that delivers high-quality dental care worldwide. Sign up to our newsletter to learn more about our supportive community online.

Our Dental Learning Network

Having a strong support network is vital to your career success which is why we encourage an approach rooted in teamwork. Our global network of dental professionals enables you to share valuable insights on case studies, gain diverse perspectives and engage with your peers.

Online Platforms:  VLE & the LDi App

Through our comprehensive Virtual Learning Environment and the LDi app, you can stay connected and engaged while you study. With 24/7 access to course materials, modules, videos and an interactive community of peers and tutors, you can learn at your own pace with fellow dentists without relocating to a university campus. 

User-friendly and intuitive, the VLE and the LDi app make it easy and convenient to be part of a dental learning community whenever you need it. Learn alongside your peers for a comprehensive dental education experience.

Face-To-Face Training: Annual Conference

When you join our community, you receive access to exclusive face-to-face training opportunities through our annual conference.

The LDi conference takes place once a year in London underpinning everything you’ve learned on the course so far. The conference serves as the pinnacle of our educational journey by bringing together dental professionals from around the world for a week of intensive and hands-on learning. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to network with peers, engage with expert lecturers and participate in learning sessions led by LDi tutors.

Sharpen your practical and clinical skills, discuss complex patient case studies and explore the latest dental techniques during this invigorating time. From interactive workshops to informative lectures, be inspired by the collective knowledge and passion delivered by the LDi community. Take the opportunity to build lasting connections at the LDi conference.

Attending the conference is completely optional and not a requirement to earn your chosen postgraduate qualification. Find out more about our conference by speaking to one of our advisors.

Be Part Of Our Thriving Dental Community

Catapult your dental career with the LDi community. Connect with your peers through the Virtual Learning Environment and the LDi app for round-the-clock course materials and engaging discussions.

With expert mentorship and the opportunity to expand your knowledge and practical skills at the LDi conference, join us in driving exceptional patient care through the support and teamwork of dentists. Enrol with us on an internationally-recognised postgraduate diploma and be part of our professional dental network at the London Dental Institute.