Enhance your clinical dentistry with a London Dental Institute diploma

Redefine your practice and elevate your skills with dental CPD courses from the London Dental Institute. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your professional dental skills up to date with a level-7 diploma programme.

Unlock Your Potential: Enhanced CPD Courses UK

Confused about CPD? LDi makes it simple and straightforward. Our accredited diploma programmes provide verifiable cpd learning experiences. Each course has been created to bring out your best potential, to improve patient care and meet general dental council (GDC) requirements. No more box-ticking.

Make a significant impact with enhanced dental CPD on one of our postgraduate courses.

What Is Dental CPD and how does the LDi provide CPD for dentists?

More than a box to tick, dental CPD is your pathway to excellence. LDi guides you with a trackable learning experience to ensure you’re meeting stringent prerequisites. CPD isn’t just a box to tick – it’s your launchpad to dental mastery.

Whether you’re studying Orthodontics or Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, LDi’s academically rigorous courses have been designed to be in line with GDC’s (UK) enhanced cpd scheme.

CPD for Dental Professionals: The LDi Advantage

Access world-class education: Learn from leading dental experts and world renowned academics.

Expand your skillset: Master new clinical procedures and refine your existing skills.

Boost your career prospects: Improve your clinical dentistry while raising your earning potential and stand out in the marketplace.

Network with like-minded professionals: Connect with colleagues and build valuable relationships with other dentists and members of the dental team.

Flexible learning options: Choose from online modules, clinical teaching webinars, live events, and a mixture of different learning formats.

A group of dentists pay close attention as a key learning principle is demonstrated by a tutor. There are x-rays and other dental tools on the table.

Learning tools for dentists

Our courses have been carefully crafted with the general dental council (GDC, UK) enhanced CPD scheme in mind and we ensure your online learning experience covers a range of aspects of dental CPD. For a busy dental professional looking to advance their career while balancing work and study, LDi courses come with learning tools to ensure that CPD requirements are met.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Access course materials, quizzes, and discussions anytime, anywhere.

LDi app

Learn on the go with our dynamic mobile app featuring bite-sized learning modules.

Live events

Network with faculty and peers at interactive workshops, conferences and the occasional webinar.

Practical Kit (on selected courses)

Enhance your learning experience with hands-on practice materials.

Flexible study

Customise your learning journey to your schedule and learning style.

Enhanced CPD courses for dental professionals

We offer a diverse array of interactive PG Dip. courses tailored for dentists, valid for verifiable CPD. Our course faculty is comprised of dental experts and specialists who are active clinicians, guaranteeing exceptional teaching quality and a practice-oriented methodology.

A dentist wearing surgical gloves examines a dental model of teeth with braces.

Orthodontics and
Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Our flexible, evidence-based postgraduate orthodontic programme equips you with clinical expertise in orthodontics, without leaving your practice. Transform your skills in just 12 months.

A dentist's model shows a restoration.

Aesthetic and
Restorative Dentistry

Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry

Deepen your understanding of cosmetic dentistry procedures and master cutting-edge techniques in restorative clinical practice. With dedicated online modules and faculty led clinical case support, this course helps students to craft beautiful, lasting smiles.

Oral Surgery and
Dental Implantology

Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology

Featuring comprehensive clinical and theoretical training in oral surgery and dental implantology our postgraduate training course gives you the confidence to tackle complex surgical procedures and improve patient outcomes.

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Can London Dental Institute Courses be used as evidence of Continuing Professional Development?

LDi diploma programmes have been designed to provide in depth teaching on their relevant fields of practice, a recommendation for enhanced cpd courses. CPD certificates are provided as documentary evidence and can be accessed through the virtual learning environment, which acts as a cpd tracker to maintain a log of the learning activities undertaken.

What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and why is it important for dental professionals?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) also known as Continuing Education (CE) is crucial for dental professionals as it ensures they keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. As a regulatory requirement, it helps maintain high professional standards, ensuring dental practitioners remain competent, can adapt to new evidence-based practices, and continue to provide safe, effective patient care. Online dental courses offered by the London Dental Institute provide verifiable CPD. A record of certificates obtained throughout the course can be accessed via the VLE and can be either downloaded or printed for submission as evidence of CPD activity.

How can dental professionals benefit from Dental CPD courses?

Dental professionals can benefit from CPD by gaining new knowledge, refining their clinical skills, and staying abreast of industry trends. This continuous learning process ensures high-quality patient care and helps meet licensing and certification requirements. LDi diplomas provide in-depth teaching on a variety of advanced clinical topics, which goes beyond the level of teaching provided on shorter cpd courses.

Is implant dentistry covered in LDi courses?

Implant dentistry is included within the teaching curriculum of the Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative dentistry, with a focus on restoring dental implants and within the Diploma in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics with a focus on the orthodontic-restorative interface and the integration of implant dentistry for complex cases and hypodontia. The upcoming planned diploma course on oral surgery and dental implantology will cover a wide range of implant dentistry topics in more detail.

How can studying aesthetic dentistry improve my dental practice?

Aesthetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of teeth and smiles. Integrating aesthetic dentistry into a practice can attract new patients, improve patient satisfaction, and contribute to the overall success of the dental business.

What is the significance of a CPD tracker in professional development?

A CPD tracker is a tool that helps clinicians, therapists, and hygienists monitor their progress in continuous professional development, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and facilitating convenient planning for future learning. After enroling on an LDi diploma course, dentists are given access to the virtual learning environment, which stores and records CPD certificates as they are achieved.

How do CPD certificates benefit dental professionals in managing their career progression?

CPD certificates play a pivotal role in career management, offering tangible evidence of your commitment to staying informed and relevant in the ever-evolving dental landscape. It is important to maintain a log of the CPD activities undertaken for professional development and regulatory reasons.

How can continuing professional development help dental professionals lead their teams towards the successful implementation of new equipment and techniques?

Dental professionals can take the lead by participating in our courses, acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to manage and guide their teams through the successful implementation of new equipment and techniques. The London Dental Institute believes that to provide effective patient care it is essential that communication and cooperation exists across the whole dental team. LDi diploma programmes aim to teach advanced clinical techniques to dentists combined with the skills required to execute these in day to day clinical practice with the help of technicians, dental nurses and other members of the dental team.

What is the Enhanced CPD Scheme, and how does it differ from traditional CPD?

Enhanced CPD is a structured approach to Continuing Professional Development set out by the general dental practice in the UK. Under the enhanced cpd scheme, dental professionals engage in verifiable CPD activities relevant to their practice. It goes beyond traditional CPD by emphasising the importance of measurable and impactful learning experiences. LDi courses are open to both UK and international dentists and you do not have to be registered with the GDC in the UK to participate in an LDi training programme.

What aspects of tooth whitening are covered in the LDi courses, and how can they be implemented in practice?

The London Dental Institute Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry includes extensive teaching material and clinical cases on teeth whitening and other minimally invasive approaches to improving tooth shade. The postgraduate programme provides verifiable dental cpd as set out by the enhanced CPD scheme from the general dental council UK. Dentists enrolled on the course are provided with CPD certificates as they progress through the course modules, with cpd certificates logged within the VLE online learning platform.

Are London Dental Institute Courses exclusively for dentists, or can other dental professionals, such as dental hygienists or dental nurses enrol?

Our postgraduate courses are designed exclusively for dentists to meet the needs of dental practitioners. While we currently focus on dentists, we appreciate the interest from other dental professionals. We acknowledge the value of the entire dental team, whether they’re a dental technician, dental assistant or dental nurse, and appreciate their interest.