Online courses for dental professionals at the LDi

Study university-level, internationally-recognised postgraduate online dental courses with the London Dental Institute. Master every facet of dentistry with our specialised and complete courses geared towards academic excellence.

Including programmes on Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry and Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, LDi’s dental education is specifically designed to ensure that you’re equipped with the expertise and confidence to excel in today’s demanding dental landscape.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where renowned faculty, cutting-edge technology, and a global student body converge to create a postgraduate education experience unlike any other.

Online dental courses: 

Study on your terms

With highly developed and advanced curricula taught in our unique online Virtual Learning Environment, our postgraduate courses upgrade your skills, help you apply knowledge and offer enhanced dental treatment options to your patients.

Boost your career prospects

Our online dental courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and teach advanced clinical skills, opening doors to lucrative career opportunities for many dentists across the globe. Join a network of accomplished alumni making a difference in patient care for communities worldwide.

Postgraduate dental courses

Develop your academic understanding and practical dental knowledge with a globally recognised, world-class programme from the London Dental Institute. Whether you’re just starting your dental journey or looking to refine your skills, our programmes cater to all levels of experience. Each course begins with fundamental concepts, before progressing to more advanced topics, ensuring a robust learning experience for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners alike. Build your skills and transform your clinical dentistry practice with one of our PG Diploma courses.

A dentist's model shows a restoration.

Aesthetic & Restorative
Dentistry (PG Dip.)

Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.)

Elevate your aesthetic dentistry skills by employing contemporary materials and minimally invasive restorative techniques to create beautiful smiles that will redefine your patients’ confidence.

A dentist wearing surgical gloves examines a dental model of teeth with braces.

Orthodontics & Dentofacial
Orthopaedics (PG Dip.)

Orthodontics & Dentofacial
Orthopaedics (PG Dip.)

Master the science and art of tooth movement, facial aesthetics, and jaw development, learning how to transform malocclusions predictably and effectively to give life changing results for your patients.

Oral Surgery & Dental
Implantology (PG Dip.)

Oral Surgery & Dental Implantology (PG Dip.)

From third molar extraction to jaw reconstruction and cutting-edge implant dentistry, refine your clinical skills to provide better patient outcomes using advanced surgical techniques. Improve your knowledge of oral diseases and learn to restore function and oral health with the use of dental implants.

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Virtual Learning Environment:
Flexible study with LDi online

Shatter the boundaries of learning. At the London Dental Institute, we’ve simplified the process by redefining postgraduate dental education, offering courses on advanced dental practice topics that align with our students’ professional goals.

VLE & LDi App

Fuel your passion for dentistry on your terms using the Virtual Learning Environment and the London Dental Institute app as your new tools. LDi dentistry courses offer flexibility through the VLE and the LDi app, empowering you to master new skills, deepen your knowledge, and earn prestigious qualifications – all while balancing your professional and personal commitments.

Our e-learning technology provides online dentistry training that combines engaging teaching modules, interactive study clubs, and expert-led webinars to create a vibrant, immersive learning experience while you're on the go.


Access the course modules wherever you are. Each module is uploaded fortnightly, and you'll be notified by email, giving you plenty of time to study online whenever you want.

Clinical Forum

Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Immerse yourself in clinical case discussions that encourage you to contribute your own patient cases, actively building your dental expertise.

Course Q&A

Reach out to your tutors to ask course questions for a comprehensive and deeper learning experience.

Live Study Club

Connect with classmates, tutors, and lecturers in real time through live VLE study sessions. Can't make it live? No problem. Recordings are available for a convenient catch-up later.

Documents & Resources

Download course materials and research notes to study from and supplement your learning.

How flexible study works

Fit your dental dreams into your reality with our flexible approach to postgraduate studies.

Virtual Learning Environment

Experience a dynamic learning atmosphere where students can engage in lectures, participate in case study discussions, and receive mentoring and feedback while being part of an international dental community.

LDi Mobile App

A user-friendly app to help students learn from their mobile devices from any location and at any time. Pick up right where you left off from the VLE on your desktop to continue your learning for a smooth and continuous learning experience.

Practical Training Kit

Upon enrolling with London Dental Institute, you’ll receive our Practical Training Kit, designed to simulate dental treatments and bolster your confidence when working with your patients.

Discover your career path with the London Dental Institute

Our distance learning dentistry courses are crafted by expert clinicians, empowering you to master new skills and deepen your knowledge so you stay ahead of the career curve – all on your terms.

From orthodontics to oral surgery, the London Dental Institute offers a range of accredited programmes designed to fit your busy schedule and fuel your professional growth. Every single online dental course is guaranteed to give you in-depth knowledge.

Benefit and learn from the best, wherever you are. Access a professional community of like-minded dentists and learn together.

Join the community

Become a part of the thriving LDi community, where dental professionals worldwide connect, learn, and excel. Join us in shaping the future of dentistry – unlock networking opportunities, share experiences, and elevate your career. Ready to take the next step? Speak to one of our advisors for further information.


Which online dental course is best for me?

For postgraduate students, we recommend fully accredited, online dental courses from the London Dental Institute for versatile courses complete with high-quality training that fit your working commitments. The specific LDi course topic of choice depends on your specific career goals. View our available dentistry courses or speak to an advisor today.

What makes LDi's postgraduate courses stand out for dental professionals?

The London Dental Institute diploma programmes offer a unique online course experience through a structured, year-long curriculum that covering 25 modules. These modules are designed to transition from foundational to advanced dental topics, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey for both newly qualified dentists and experienced dentists looking to improve their current abilities. Taught by a faculty of experts across different fields of dentistry including orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and oral surgery, the courses blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills, all within a flexible online format that caters to the diverse needs of professionals worldwide.

Can international dentists enrol in online postgraduate dentistry courses with the LDi?

The LDi’s online postgraduate courses are designed with a global audience in mind. Dentists from anywhere in the world can enroll, provided they have a recognised primary dental degree such as BDS or DDS, and possess a proficient level of English. The LDi has a commitment to fostering a diverse learning environment, including different techniques and schools of thought within dentistry to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

What are the benefits of online postgraduate programmes in dentistry?

Online postgraduate programmes at LDi offer a multitude of benefits, including the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience, to continue to study without sacrificing clinical time with patients, the ability to learn from experts across a wide variety of dental topics such as orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and dental surgery, and the ability to connect to a global community of peer dentists. The dentistry courses are structured to provide a deep dive into both theoretical and practical aspects of dentistry, with a rich array of resources like webinars, interactive seminars, and video tutorials at your disposal. LDi dentistry courses can also be used as evidence of verifiable continuing professional development by dental regulators worldwide and have been designed with to comply with the enhanced cpd scheme set out by the GDC in the UK.

Can I spread the cost of studying at the London Dental Institute?

Yes, flexible payment options are available. Students have the choice to pay for their course in full or opt for a monthly payment plan. This flexibility ensures that a wide range of dental professionals can access these high-quality educational programs.

What are the application requirements for online dental courses with the London Dental Institute?

To apply for LDi’s online dental courses, candidates must hold a primary dental degree like BDS or DDS, or its equivalent and should hold an up to date registration to provide dental services with their local dental regulator (e.g. general dental council). Dentistry courses are delivered in English so proficiency in English is essential. LDi postgraduate courses are currently available to dentists only and are not available to dental technicians, dental assistants, dental nurses or dental hygienists, however have been designed to educate dentists on how to work alongside the entire dental team for the best clinical outcomes possible.

How is online teaching delivered by the London Dental Institute?

Our e-learning technology provides online dentistry training that combines engaging teaching modules, interactive study clubs, and expert-led webinars to create a vibrant, immersive learning experience while you’re on the go.

The online courses can be accessed 24/7 through the virtual learning environment, utilising a variety of teaching methods including lectures, webinars, video tutorials, and interactive online study club seminars. All LDi dentistry courses include practical training facilitated through an innovative Practical Training Kit. This hands-on approach ensures immediate application of theoretical knowledge, enhancing your clinical skills.

How does practical training work with LDi's online courses?

While the teaching content for the diploma courses is delivered online, LDi ensures that practical skills are not compromised. Dentists receive a training kit to practise their skills either at home or within their clinics. This hands-on approach is complemented by the opportunity to receive direct feedback from tutors via the VLE, bridging the gap between online learning and practical application. This ensures that students not only learn new skills and techniques but also apply their knowledge in a practical context, essential for their development as skilled dental professionals.

What academic accreditation is provided for LDi diploma courses?

Independent academic accreditation and oversight for all LDi diploma courses is provided by Eduqual. EduQual is a UK-based regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, a national qualifications regulator in the United Kingdom, and is a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

What career opportunities are available after completing a course at the London Dental Institute?

Upon completing an online course at LDi, you can explore diverse career paths. Having upgraded their clinical skills, most graduates of our programmes continue in general dental practice, offering an enhanced level of care and new treatment options for their patients. Many dentists continue to progress in a specialised field, embark on dental research or teaching. Some students have used the course as a basis for further study such as masters degrees or specialist training, with a diploma from the LDi used for accredited prior learning. The skills and knowledge gained from LDi dentistry courses open doors to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Does the London Dental Institute offer in-person teaching?

A limited number of in-person dental courses, focusing on enhancing practical skills are available. These courses are optional and are not a requirement for completion of a diploma however they provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and direct mentorship from experts, further enriching their professional learning journey.

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