About Us

The London Dental Institute

The London Dental Institute aims to provide an up to date, advanced practical education for Dentists from across the world.

We recognise that the modern clinician is working in an environment with rapidly changing patient demands and expectations, and our courses are tailor designed to help our students succeed in their daily practice. By ensuring our teaching is focused on providing specific practical skills, knowledge and clinical techniques we aim to ensure every student will complete their course feeling more assured and better equipped for their future, and confident in providing high quality advanced dental care.

Why Us

London is famous for its diverse and vibrant life, its modern outlook yet of course with some world famous historical sites and monuments. Recently named the best city in the world to study for the second year running (QS Top Universities), the prestige and reputation of studying here is a draw for many. The city is home to many renowned research and teaching establishments, with four undergraduate teaching hospitals existing in the city. The London Dental Institute offers our students an opportunity to achieve a high quality postgraduate education, as well as an exciting opportunity to explore and enjoy this famous city.

Our Story

Our vision is to provide dentists with advanced skills for the rapidly moving, demanding field that is modern day dentistry. Having completed many long and short term postgraduate courses all over the world, we realised that whilst there were various merits to these courses, many failed to provide a good balance between theoretical and practical training that was relevant to the situations that would be encountered when treating our own patients in general practice. As such, the teaching and knowledge that was acquired would often feel distanced from the reality of the clinical environment. As such, the aim and ethos of the London Dental Institute was born, with a drive to ensure that dental postgraduate education could be delivered more effectively, and more efficiently for dentists around the world.