Exceptional dental education with the
London Dental Institute

Exceptional dental
education with
the London Dental Institute

We help dentists further their career with advanced practical and theoretical postgraduate education.

Welcome to the London Dental Institute

Want to know more about us? Check out the video below for more information and insight on our ethos and approach to postgraduate dental training.

Our vision: excellence in education & clinical care

We are driven by our vision to become the leading online dental professional development provider and offer excellence in education and clinical care.

With evidence-based teaching, sophisticated patient care planning, and innovative research methodology, the LDi is steadfast in its commitment to delivering advanced, high-intensity practical education on a global scale — all completely online.

Our ultimate goal is to create a community that strives to transform and shape dental practice that improves professional dental standards on a global scale.

Our values

Our purpose: a unique
approach to dental education

At the London Dental Institute, we take pride in our unique approach to dental education.

Our distance learning comes with a difference. By combining online modules with live events, this innovative approach enhances clinical skills with expert knowledge to dentists all across the world.

LDi provides professional development within a robust community of dental professionals through networking, collaboration, and shared learning experiences.

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond borders, providing opportunities for both UK and international dentists to excel in their careers.

The story so far

Frustrated by overpriced, ineffective online learning for dentists, our founders James and John envisioned a better way to learn. As postgraduate dental students, they craved practical skills and real-world preparation, but existing courses missed the mark.

A new approach

We knew that today’s dentists needed a learning approach that would bridge the gap between theoretical and practical training while still learning from home.

With this in mind, the LDi was created – teaching world-class postgraduate dentistry programmes on an innovative online platform that fuses cutting-edge online curriculum with hands-on Practical Training Kits.

Rethinking dental education

Today, LDi boasts diverse online courses, a global community of thousands, and a renowned faculty of dental experts.

We’ve revolutionised online dental education, breaking down financial and geographic barriers that once limited access to outstanding dental training.

Ready to embark on a story of your own?

Empowering dental
professionals worldwide

Whether you aspire to become a leading expert in your field or seek to refine your clinical skills and knowledge, our courses at LDi empower students to go further in their dental careers without compromising on their professional commitments.

Flexible postgraduate study

We understand the challenges and demands that dental professionals face in modern clinical practice. Our carefully designed courses provide a flexible and dynamic learning experience that fits around your existing professional responsibilities.

Through the London Dental Institute, our students learn and grow by improving their clinical dentistry skills and provision of patient dental care worldwide.


What students are saying

Our community

At the heart of the London Dental Institute is not only our stellar teaching standards. LDi attracts a welcoming community that brings dental professionals together from around the world.

Making a global impact

Our community believes in the power of collaboration and support while encouraging open dialogue and a flowing exchange of ideas. Our vision is for a network of dental professionals surrounded by like-minded individuals and mentors who are passionate about making a positive impact worldwide.

Get involved — see how you can become a part of our global dental community at the London Dental Institute by enrolling in a course.

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