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Virtual Learning Environment

Study flexibly wherever you are and on your terms — no constraints, just smart learning.

Wherever you are, the VLE has you supported for your chosen field of dental study. From your own personal online study space to forum for discussing patient cases, our Virtual Learning Environment is a dynamic and immersive university experience without the on-campus learning.

Dive into exceptional dental education with the VLE at your fingertips. Enrol on a course today.

Online Study At The LDi: University-Level Learning On Your Terms

Learning with the LDi is ideal for dental professionals who want to attain a postgraduate qualification without relocation or the prohibitive cost of university tuition fees. Study while you work and build your practical skills from your chosen course when you perform treatment on your own patients. Whether you dream of becoming an NHS specialist or offering private dentistry services, the VLE is a core part of your learning journey.

With the Virtual Learning Environment, students receive a university-level and internationally-recognised postgraduate qualification that fully encompasses every aspect of their dental specialism and empowers them to be confident in their chosen field of study.

From studying at their own pace, uploading patient cases for discussing and connecting with fellow dental professionals at the LDi, the Virtual Learning Environment offers an online platform that covers everything you’d get in an on-campus environment.

When you choose a course at the London Dental Institute, you’re entering a department building within a virtual university. Enter your department building at the LDi with the VLE when you enrol on a course — speak to one of our advisors to find out more.

Build Your Dental Career With The VLE

Learn virtually and study alongside your dental career and personal commitments with the London Dental Institute. The VLE is fully equipped to provide you with a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience that’s tailored to your chosen postgraduate pathway for the advancement of your dental career.

Whether you choose to study Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, or any of our other postgraduate programmes, the Virtual Learning Environment is an engaging platform for dental professionals.

With features such as group discussions, course Q&A, live study clubs, programme materials, case studies and much more, our VLE is specially designed to be welcoming and student-driven for easy accessibility and convenient study.


Be part of the course-related group discussions to support your learning and connect with fellow LDi students.

Clinical Forum

Discuss clinical case studies and upload your patient cases to enhance your practical dental skills as part of your chosen course.

Course Q&A

Submit course questions to your tutor for a comprehensive learning experience.


Study from the course modules at your convenience. Each module is uploaded fortnightly and you’ll be notified by email, giving you plenty of time to study online and at any time.

Live Study Club

Join live study sessions through the VLE with tutors, lecturers and fellow dental students. If you miss one, simply catch up later when you next log in.


Download course materials and research notes to study from and supplement your learning.

Offering a social environment that’s geared towards learning, the Virtual Learning Environment is the central hub of the LDi community for an inclusive and user-friendly educational experience.

Browse our courses to see what you can learn through the VLE.

Virtual Learning With The LDi

Join the London Dental Institute’s courses and experience a comprehensive postgraduate dental education on your terms. With a range of features to reinforce your learning on the VLE, you’re surrounded by a community of dental professionals working together to advance their career goals and achieve better dental care for their patients.

Whether you’re fine-tuning your clinical skills or looking to start your own practice, our blended learning approach with the VLE will help you develop your dental knowledge further in every way possible.

Enrol today and be part of the LDi community online.