Webinar: May 15 2024

Key Factors for
Achieving Longevity with
Composite Restorations​

This webinar, presented by Dr. Rafael Beolchi, focuses on modern aesthetic procedures, emphasising ethical patient care and prioritising overall oral health. It addresses common issues such as adhesive failure in composite restorations and provides insights into essential steps like light curing and polishing techniques.

Webinar Speaker

Dr. Rafael Beolchi

Dr. Rafael Beolchi graduated in Dentistry from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, in 2000. Since 2001, he has run a private practice, specializing in aesthetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation. He earned his Master’s degree in Biomaterials from the same university in 2009. 

Dr. Beolchi is internationally renowned for his simplified approach to advanced dental material handling, conducting lectures and workshops across six continents and over 60 countries. 

Currently based in Portugal, he holds a second Master’s degree in Dental Medicine and works as a dentist and consultant for esthetic dental products. He is an author of numerous articles in multiple languages, focusing on topics such as direct aesthetic restorations and light curing, and actively collaborates in research worldwide. 

Dr. Beolchi also serves as a clinical tutor and facilitator for Live Study Clubs as part of the LDi team.

Learning outcomes

We are excited to introduce a specialized webinar providing an in-depth exploration of the latest advancements in aesthetic dentistry. Tailored for dental professionals aiming to elevate their expertise, this event promises invaluable insights into cutting-edge techniques and materials.

Learn advanced techniques in adhesion, bonding, LED curing, and finishing for superior dental restorations.

Gain insights into contemporary composite materials and their practical applications through analysis of real-world clinical cases

Webinar info

15th May 2024

14:00 BST

Uncover the secrets to ethical and effective aesthetic dentistry. Explore the crucial steps of adhesion, light curing, and polishing for predictable and durable composite restorations. Expert guidance, practical tips, and more. Don’t miss out – Secure Your Spot Today!

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