Thinking of offering orthodontics? Here are 4 reasons why you should

If you’ve been considering providing orthodontics at your practice for some time but haven’t yet taken the plunge, you may well find that conflicting thoughts or uncertainties on how to proceed are holding you back.

However, the benefits of improved profits, better treatment control and the ability to attract and retain more patients simply can’t be ignored.

So, if you are still making up your mind on whether or not offering orthodontics is the way to go, here are four reasons why it could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

  1. Motivate your team

If you are continually looking at ways to motivate and inspire your team to be the best that they possibly can be, then undertaking orthodontics training yourself sets the bar high and can help inspire them to look at ways to improve their own skillset.

Plus, by offering a new range of orthodontic services, you can create a real buzz around your practice as everyone looks forward to seeing your new skills in action.

  1. Boost your bottom line

It’s no secret that offering orthodontic service can have a positive impact on your profits. With an estimated 20% of all clients requiring some form of orthodontic care, the extra revenue can easily offset the cost of any necessary training to improve your skills in this area.

Therefore, the initial investment you make in training can easily be recouped in just a short period of time, reducing the risk to your practice and financial reserves.

  1. Greater choice for patients

The ability to offer your clients a wide range of treatment options is a real selling point for any practice which wants to retain an existing patient base. The ability to bring orthodontics work in house instead of sending clients off elsewhere for treatment makes it far more convenient for everyone involved.

  1. Get more business

The ability to offer orthodontics won’t just keep your current patients happy, it will also enable you to attract more new business through referrals and an expanded service offering.

Remaining competitive in the dental industry can make all the difference between a thriving and failing practice, so by offering orthodontics and being able to help people improve their smiles in house, you’ll soon notice that your appointment schedule starts to fill up nicely with patients actively seeking out your new services.

Learn how to start providing orthodontics to your patients with the London Dental Institute Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

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