Busting Myths About Distance Orthodontic Learning

In recent years, we’ve seen a radical change in the traditional concept of learning as more and more educational institutions opt for a digital teaching approach. While it has obvious benefits, there are still a great many myths that surround the idea of remote learning. We want to help you see through these misconceptions and provide you with a convenient and flexible pathway to achieving your aspirations. The sky’s the limit; why not reach for it from within the comfort of your home or workplace?

Myth 1: Online courses can’t be  accredited and lack credibility 

Some people have concerns about the credibility of online qualifications. They believe these courses don’t carry the same value as on-campus degrees and certifications. While you should be cautious when choosing an online Orthodontic diploma, you can rest assured that the diploma course offered by LDi has been accredited in partnership with the official postgraduate awarding body EduQual. EduQual is a regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, a globally-recognized qualifications regulator in the UK. The course meets the teaching hour requirements of a Level 7 course, which is a Master level equivalence to equip you with sound knowledge and skills needed to excel in your career.

Myth 2: There is very limited interaction with instructors and colleagues

Are you worried that distance learning is an isolated mode of education that entails little to no interaction with academics, fellow peers, and student support services? Well, worry no more. Apart from the interactive live study clubs, LDi also provides access to a private forum where all students can discuss their cases and receive advice and suggestions from qualified tutors.

Think of it as a virtual platform that allows you to be part of a bigger group with different professional experiences from around the world. We ensure that you receive a collaborative learning experience by enabling you to engage with your peers, discuss topics further, and develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills to boost your confidence. The faculty is super facilitating and always there to support you through your one-year diploma!

Myth 3: Distance learning provides a compromised quality of education and the course material isn’t easily accessible

The Orthodontic Diploma offered at LDi delivers quality education taught by dedicated and passionate dental experts. Students who want to sign up for this course can find the curriculum and course schedule on the official website of the London Dental Institute.

Click here to download  the prospectus:

The complete information regarding the course outline is in the link provided above so you won’t be left guessing what you’ll learn. It will give you confidence that the course you’re choosing aligns well with your needs. The London Dental Institute offers a comprehensive and accredited Orthodontics course specifically designed for general dentists who want to add orthodontic treatment to their practice. Don’t miss your chance to enroll in our next course beginning in September 2022 and elevate your dental practice to another level!

Myth 4: An online degree isn’t worth the money

Before you invest in an orthodontic diploma, you need to know if the course is worth it. Financing degrees can be tough and might also make you wonder if you’re making the right choice by opting for a remote mode of learning.

Our fees are structured to provide value for money by delivering top-quality education and an immersive learning experience by world-leading lecturers and clinicians. We have flexible payment options that allow students to either pay in full or in installments during the course. Pursuing an online degree is more cost-effective as it will save you transportation and accommodation costs. It’s also really helpful for students who want to join us from abroad. Don’t have the time or the energy to travel long distances to get to class? With our online lectures and live study clubs, we’ve got you covered!


Myth 5: It’s difficult to keep yourself motivated for online classes and you can easily get bored

Balancing an educational degree alongside life and work commitments can be tough, whether it’s online or on-campus. Some may find it hard to muster up the motivation to attend online classes without having to show up physically.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, online classes can now offer the same experiences as offline ones. We strive to provide you with a seamless and flexible learning experience that you can tailor as per your own capabilities. Flexibility to learn builds independence and discipline. Research shows that autonomy can impact motivation by giving learners the freedom to learn without having to conform to classroom rules. After enrollment, you’ll be given access to a study planner to help you stay organized. With the planner, you can manage your time effectively and plan your week ahead to decipher when is the best time for you to study alongside other commitments. To help you get the most out of the program, we’ve made the course content easily accessible for you around the clock. You can refer back to a lecture, re-watch a webinar, or enhance your skills by watching a video back again, all our teaching content is stored securely in your virtual learning environment.

Afraid you might get bored? The London Dental Institute employs different teaching styles to make the learning experience enjoyable for you. Topics are taught in a range of different engaging formats, from online lectures, how-to clinical guides, recorded video tutorials, and live webinars. This diploma aims to enhance your knowledge and skillset so you’re better able to provide orthodontic treatment at your practice and broaden your horizons. That’s the goal, right? Keeping that in mind can be a key motivator and help you get the most value out of it!


An online orthodontic degree has proven to be an efficient way of learning by offering you a customizable learning experience and helping you save some bucks along the way. Excel in your clinical career by adding orthodontics to your practice. This course will help you upgrade your practice by sharpening and polishing your orthodontic skills. The next course at the London Dental Institute starts in September 2023. Enroll today and save your spot with us at the London Dental Institute today!

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