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Selection Guidelines for All-Ceramic Restorations

All-ceramic restorations are dominating modern dentistry with their unmatched aesthetics and biocompatibility. With a plethora of choices, selecting the optimal material is essential. Discover the blend of beauty and function in the realm of dental ceramics.

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Post-Operative Sensitivity in Adhesive Dentistry

Adhesive dentistry revolutionized dental care but introduced challenges like Post-Operative Sensitivity (POS), affecting up to 40% of procedures. Accurate diagnosis and ongoing research are key to managing this complex issue and enhancing patient experiences.

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Smile Design and Analysis

Read about smile design and analysis in this blog. Discover the latest digital tools and techniques used by dental professionals to analyse smiles, predict outcomes, and plan personalised treatments – best practices we teach at the LDi in our Restorative dentistry course.

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Orthodontic Assessment and Examination

In this blog, explore the crucial steps involved in evaluating dental alignment, occlusion, and facial harmony. Read about the diagnostic tools and modern techniques that aid in crafting personalised treatment plans and learn more about studying our Ortho PG Dip.

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How Inflammation is Necessary for Orthodontic Tooth Movement

In this blog, discover the biological mechanisms that make inflammation a crucial and necessary process during orthodontic treatment. Gain a deeper understanding of how controlled inflammation facilitates tooth repositioning and supports successful outcomes; a key module on our PG Dip Ortho course.

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