Why Every Dentist Should Have Basic Orthodontic Knowledge

Set yourself apart by expanding your treatments within  your dental practice!

You’re bound to come across many clinical cases in your practice that require orthodontic treatment from day to day. Whether you’re a general or a pediatric dentist looking to expand your horizons and offer a wider range of services to your patients, it’s time you considered learning more about the field of Orthodontics. Taking a comprehensive Orthodontics course for the general dentist  can equip you with the knowledge and skills that will help broaden your areas of expertise and widen your scope of care. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why every dentist should understand Orthodontics:

1) Sometimes, minor orthodontic adjustments can address the patients’ concerns and eliminate the need for extensive treatment, saving the patient a lot of time and money. If you’re a general dentist well-versed in Orthodontics, you can offer these services to your patients and guide them better for future treatments. 

2) Enrolling in Orthodontic courses can help you build connections with specialists in the area and strengthen your network in the Orthodontist community. This will help you conveniently refer your patients appropriately to experienced Orthodontists, saving them the trouble of searching for them themselves. 

3) You’ll be able to identify orthodontic needs better and discern what kind of treatment is required. This is important because some dental issues requiring orthodontic treatment are similar to other dental concerns. For instance, a patient presenting with headache or neck pain might be experiencing these problems because of misaligned teeth. Correcting the bite through orthodontic treatment may solve their problem. 

4) You will be able to help patients looking to correct their cosmetic concerns through expensive cosmetic procedures by offering them cost-effective orthodontic options. 

Orthodontics functions at the crossroads of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to become skilled at such an intersectional mode of treatment that will allow you to help patients live their best lives! Being a better judge of their oral concerns will also enable you to strengthen your doctor-patient relationships with them.

A good relationship enhances communication and facilitates cooperation, and that can actually improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes! 

The London Dental Institute offers a comprehensive and accredited Orthodontics course specifically designed for general dentists who want to add these treatments to their practice.

Don’t miss your chance to enroll in our next  course beginning in September 2022 and elevate your dental practice to another level!

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