Webinar: January 12 2024

Clear Aligners:
Case Selection

Explore the essentials of case selection for clear aligners in this focused webinar. Learn to identify suitable orthodontic cases for aligner treatment and understand the expected outcomes. Our expert lecturer, Dr Stefano Carderi will provide key insights and criteria, enhancing your decision-making skills in orthodontic care.

Webinar host

Dr. Stefano Carderi

Dr Carderi lives in Italy and after completing his Dentistry degree at the University of Rome he Specialised in Orthodontics at the University of Chieti.

In addition to clinical Orthodontic practice, where he is also a certified Invisalign provider, Dr Carderi has been a speaker at multiple conferences including the Jordanian Orthodontic Society (JOD) and an author for several publications.

Since 2016 Dr Carderi has done volunteer work for a human rights group, providing education, prevention and treatment of children in an orphanage in India.

Stefano is a very active member of the LDi team. As well as delivering his webinar on ‘TMD and Orthodontics’ Stefano is a Clinical Tutor and will be answering student questions on the ‘Q&A’ forum. He also runs many of our Live Study Clubs and will be delivering further teaching at our Face to Face Conference.

Learning outcomes

We are excited to present an exclusive webinar that offers a comprehensive exploration into the world of clear aligners. This event is designed for dental professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of this innovative orthodontic treatment. 

What is a clear aligner, understanding the perfect case to treat with a clear aligner, and why case selection is so important.

Gain insights into the latest trends in clear aligners, understand practical applications, and enhance professional knowledge.​

Webinar info

January 12, 2024, 2PM

(GMT, London, UK Time)

Unlock the secrets of selecting cases for Clear Aligners. Dive into our informative webinar to elevate your orthodontic skills. Expert guidance, practical tips, and more. Don’t miss out – Secure Your Spot Today!

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