Choosing a Web or a Physical Dental Portfolio

When you’re beginning the process of creating your dental portfolio, you may be wondering which format to consider. Both digital and physical have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, and we’re here to help make that decision easier. Your portfolio should demonstrate all the skills you bring to the table, and deciding which format to display your vast knowledge and achievements in can be challenging. 

Read on to learn more about the differences between a web or physical dental career portfolio, and download our free eBook for a step-by-step guide to creating your dental portfolio. 

Digital vs Physical

Depending on your specific field within dentistry and any materials you want to include, a digital portfolio may be the best way to display your work. As well as saving your file as a PDF for easier emailing, you could also create your own website to display your portfolio, so anyone with the link can check out your latest achievements whenever they like. However, a physical copy of your portfolio can be useful for anyone who needs to quickly scan your portfolio for specific items or information without downloading files or going online.

Some dental professionals invest in a website and a printed version to get the best of both worlds, as there are many online templates to choose from, even for dentistry. 

The Benefits of a Digital Portfolio 

You may decide that having an online portfolio is the best option for you, and here are a few reasons why: 

  1. Easy Portfolio Templates

One of the most convenient aspects of a web portfolio is the access you have to hundreds of templates at your fingertips. Publishing a digital portfolio on a website is simple with resources such as templates and can help out the not-so-web-savvy. You can choose your design from a range of choices and personalise your website to reflect your personality, adding an extra special touch to your portfolio. 

  1. Simple to Update

Another benefit of a web portfolio is your ability to make changes easily and quickly. Updates can be made whenever you need to make sure your dental portfolio is correct up to the second. You can also delete anything you don’t deem important with one click.

  1. Quick Sharing 

Anyone who requests your dental portfolio can view it in seconds with the ability to share the link to your online portfolio. You can also give out your website link on business cards, on your LinkedIn or other recruiter website, via your practice website, or email the link in a flash. Employers may be impressed by your technological prowess.

  1. No Risk of Loss

Where a printed portfolio may be misplaced, lost, or even stolen—a web portfolio can never be lost. Simply log in to your website, and your web portfolio will appear, even though technical glitches and dodgy internet connections are always a possibility.

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The Benefits of a Physical Portfolio 

While a web portfolio may seem handy for the above reasons, here are a few reasons you may consider a physical portfolio instead: 

  1. No Website Costs

If you choose a web portfolio, you will be required to purchase web space and a domain name, which will require payments on a recurring basis. If you’d rather not incur this cost, a physical portfolio may be best for you. However, many website providers offer packages that include a domain name to make it more affordable and easy to set up a professional portfolio online.

  1. No Technical Issues 

While a print portfolio can be misplaced, it can also be recreated. A physical portfolio will never fall prey to a technical glitch or bad Wi-Fi connection. In an interview scenario, an employer may have had a chance to view your website ahead of time, but presenting them with a high-quality physical portfolio will demonstrate preparedness and put you in good stead with the interviewer. Potential employers may also find a digital portfolio hard to read or come across issues when accessing your site or downloading a PDF. 

  1. More Control

Easily control what readers see in your portfolio by removing a page instead of logging into a website to delete a page. With a printed portfolio, you can easily swap out a page that doesn’t fit the job description or doesn’t complement the opportunity you have applied for. Deciding just what an employer sees during an interview gives you more control over your future. 

  1. Ease of Access 

An A4 4-ring binder with high-quality paper and in coloured ink demonstrates an excellent portfolio, professionalism, and an eye for detail. A physical portfolio is also on hand to give to anyone whenever, wherever. In an interview situation, a printed portfolio can give a potential employer a look at your career at a glance, as well as any pertinent information such as experience, qualifications, and achievements. 

The Complete Guide to Your Dental Portfolio is available as a free eBook to guide you through the process of creating your dental portfolio in detail. 

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