Our February 2024 Update

February is always a month we look forward to because of the opportunity it brings for our community to connect in person.

Earlier this month, students from across the globe joined us for our annual conference in the heart of London. The week’s schedule was comprehensively designed with a particular emphasis on practical training to complement the online programme, and over 40 students were in attendance. 

Our tutors and lecturers did a fantastic job leading the sessions. Still, the joy for us comes in meeting members of our community, sharing dinner together, and discussing critical dental themes and new developments.

If you joined us in London, thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you, and we’re excited about working with you more in the future.

If you’d like to join us next year, look out for our upcoming announcement with the details and specific dates. Remember, you can always become a member of our community virtually, by enrolling on a course.

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This Month’s Modules

February saw a host of new learning materials unlocked for our ongoing cohorts.

Ortho Course

Those who joined our Orthodontics course in January ’24 got stuck into their first online modules this month. Students first dove into Orthodontic Assessment and Diagnosis, where they learned how to complete a comprehensive orthodontic examination and assessment. 

Then, they embarked on the Biological Basis of Orthodontics, where students were introduced to embryology, growth and development of the face and their relevance to orthodontics. 

Those on our September ’23 cohort delved into their second module on Fixed Appliances, covering advanced techniques and the intricacies of utilising various bracket types, including labial, lingual, and self-ligating brackets. A second module on Removable and Functional Appliances then supported this study.

Aesthetic Course

Students on the Aesthetic course also unlocked new modules this month. Our January ’24 cohort began their studies by embarking on the Mastering Shade Analysis module, discovering the critical role shade analysis plays in achieving aesthetic excellence in dentistry. 

Students also studied the Teeth Whitening module, which is a fascinating look at the importance of teeth whitening, tracks its historical evolution from traditional to modern techniques, and explores the biology behind tooth discolouration. 

Remember — all of the modules unlocked remain available for you to study on the VLE for the duration of your course. Students are welcome to return to previous modules to review materials at any time.

March ’23 Cohort’s Final Assessment

As we welcome a new cohort, it’s also time to say goodbye to another.
Our March ’23 cohort is preparing for their final assessment, which will take place next month. If you’re about to take your assessment, from all of us at the LDi, we wish you heartfelt good luck!

February’s Live Study Clubs

We hosted Live Study Clubs on the VLE for both courses this month.

The Orthodontics session covered Effective Removable Appliances and was hosted by Professor James Field, providing an illuminating insight into the use of removable appliances and their applications.

Aesthetic students took a look at Extraction Cases in a Study Club expertly hosted by Dr. Eugenia Raffaelli and Dr. Massimo D’Aversa.

Remember to catch up on the VLE if you missed the live session.

On the Blog

This month on the blog, we looked at the academic qualifications necessary for a career in dentistry in the UK.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out our blog page here.

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