As we return to our hectic schedules following the Christmas break, it can be easy to forget our good intentions and let our New Year’s resolutions become a secondary concern.

Our team was interested to learn this year that this phenomenon has a name: Quitter’s Day. 

The second Friday of the year is Quitter’s Day, which marks when most people have already given up on their New Year promises. Perhaps you recognise this within yourself — that the commitments you make fresh at the beginning of the year don’t last long.

Yet, as clinicians dedicated to life-long learning, Quitter’s Day presents a challenge! 

How can we overcome this all-too-human tendency to give up when our career development might depend on us doing the opposite? As dentists mandated to help our patients, we should feel a sense of responsibility to embark on learning journeys, not seek to avoid them.

Perhaps this resonates with you. If it’s been your New Year’s resolution to improve your earning potential, embark on new learning experiences, or improve the standard of care you offer your patients, then we will welcome you in our next enrolment in May.

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January’s Module Releases

If you’re already enrolled on a course, then welcome back to your course!

January is not a slow month at the LDi and we’ve had exciting module releases on both courses, plus a packed calendar of events. 

Students on the Orthodontics course embarked on an exploration of The Foundations of Orthodontic Treatment, discovering the essentials of orthodontic practice. Then, students studied the first Fixed Appliances module, which details the essentials of using the most commonly used appliances in orthodontic treatment. 

In the Aesthetic course, students studied the Contemporary Dental Materials module, exploring a diverse range of restorative and prosthetic materials. Then, students embarked on the Bonding and Isolation, uncovering the critical practices essential for dental restoration and their evolution over time.

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Live Study Clubs

All these new modules this January were supported by live learning events, our Live Study Clubs, where students and tutors gather for an online session to share notes, ask questions, and participate in discussion.

Orthodontic students joined two Live Study Clubs this month, including a Case Discussion with Dr. Eugenia & Dr. Stefano, and a Treatment Planning discussion with Dr Stefano & Dr. Filippo. 

Students on the Aesthetic course also participated in a live event, and were joined by Dr. Robert for a Live Study Club on Digital Dentistry.

Don’t forget that students can catch up on missed study clubs and past learning material at any time on the VLE

On the Blog

This month, as we often do around a time of new enrolment, our team has been reflecting on the value of dental education in our international community.

As a result, we published our latest blog post on why dental courses with certificates are crucial when choosing an online provider and how there is an often overlooked importance placed on certifying your ongoing learning.

Read more on the blog here.

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