Many members of our faculty are, as they say in the trade, ‘wet-fingered’.

Alongside our commitments at the LDi, we’re practising clinicians who manage a roster of patients on a day to day basis.

We believe that patient-facing roles help us to become better educators. On the front line, our faculty members are able to see what works, understand the evolution of treatments available, and build a clinical experience that allows us to offer more relevant course options.

All this to say—Our faculty understands what it’s like to juggle multiple commitments around our work! 

Balancing families, personal commitments, and long working hours is tough. That’s why it’s always been important for us at the LDi to ensure that our programmes are fully available when you have time to study.

Whether you’re last-minute cramming for that exam, waking up extra early on a Sunday to get in a couple of hours extra, or eating while studying in between patients, the VLE is designed to fit in at a time that works for you.

Contact an enrolment advisor if you’ve got more questions about what that would look like for your day-to-day. Our team will be happy to have a chat with you.


Happy International Women’s Month

This March is International Women’s Month, and we’d love to celebrate some of the incredible women on the faculty of the London Dental Institute and our female students.

As part of our mission to improve dental education worldwide, we must welcome women into the fold. We’re passionate about delivering equality and excellence to dentists of all genders worldwide.

Happy International Women’s Month!

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New Learning Materials

This month, our students unlocked new modules on both courses. Highlights on our Ortho course included a series on Clear Aligners, a module covering Detailing, Finishing, and Retention, plus a deep dive into Cephalometry

For our Aesthetic students, study revolved around Direct and Indirect Restorations and included a series of academic resources, video webinars, practical exercises, and group Study Clubs.

Live Study Clubs

This month’s study was supported by two Live Study Club events. 

Ortho students were guided in their study of Clear Aligners by Dr. Stefano Carderi and Dr. Filippo Cipriani. Students examined case studies and heard from their lecturers on managing complex cases.

Aesthetic students attended a session on Biomimetic Principles with Dr. Dave Alleman and Dr. Davey Alleman — the pioneering experts behind the Alleman Center of Biomimetic Dentistry.

On the Blog

Continuing our Biomimetic study, this month, we published an article on how biomimetic principles can enhance patient care and deliver optimal dental outcomes. 

If you’re interested in reading more, head over to the blog here.

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