The Top 5 Elite Postgraduate Dental Courses in Turkey

If you’re a Turkish native practising dentistry, you may be considering the exciting possibilities of further education to open up new job opportunities and fields of dentistry. Turkey offers many postgraduate programmes for professional dentists to pursue, with high-quality education and low tuition fees, while still getting access to advanced training and technology. Turkish universities and dental schools offer a wide range of courses to choose from, so whatever field you’re interested in is catered for.

Turkish universities are recognised globally, and Turkey has some of the best dental schools in the world. Dental education in Turkey is advanced, and students can study specific areas such as orthodontics, periodontics, or oral surgery. 

Dental practitioners are highly respected in Turkey, and students of dentistry, both undergraduate and postgraduate, go on to have successful careers as dentists in both Turkey and abroad. 

This blog breaks down the top 5 elite postgraduate dental courses and postgraduate study options for dentists in Turkey:

The Best Postgraduate Dental Courses In Turkey

Turkey offers many incredible opportunities to study postgraduate dentistry, with many great dental schools and universities to choose from.

Studying dentistry in Turkey can also be cost-effective, with tuition fees often lower than in Western universities. Tuition fees range from $2000-$8000 at public universities and $10,000-$23,000 at private dental schools. 

Turkish dental schools are recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the programs often provide clinical hands-on experience, with opportunities to engage in dental research projects to further contribute to the field. 

Whether you want to attend a public or private university, are interested in staying closer to home or moving away, let’s explore the best postgraduate options for dentists studying in Turkey.

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Number 5: Restorative Dentistry (Yeditepe University)

Dentistry is a highly respected and sought-after profession in Turkey, and Yeditepe University offers a great opportunity for dentists to excel in restorative techniques with the Restorative Dentistry MSc

This MSc program was founded in 2001, with the first graduates of the class of 2003 going on to work in Private and Public Health care. The aim of the course is to educate dentists and transform dental professionals into confident, capable, and clinically skilled restorative dentists, able to make independent and informed decisions on patient healthcare and treatments. Not only this, students of the Restorative Dentistry postgraduate course are expected to commit themselves to medical and ethical principles and lifelong learning. 

This 2-year course covers core modules including Adhesive Dentistry, Preclinical Operative Dentistry, Dental Radiology, and more, culminating with a Restorative Dentistry Master Thesis. 

The Restorative Dentistry MSc costs around £24,000 per year, making this one of the most expensive courses in Turkey. 

Number 4: Orthodontics (Medipol University)

Medipol University boasts a fantastic dentistry programme for postgraduate students, with foundational sciences, clinical skills, and critical thinking included as standard. Medipol University also houses one of the biggest dental hospitals in the region on the Golden Horn Campus—IMU Dental Hospital. 

The 2-year Orthodontics course includes modules on Orthodontic Clinical Practice, Contemporary Treatments, and Intro to Orthognathic Surgery, providing dentists with a greater understanding and knowledge base for Orthodontic treatments. 

Graduates of this program have gone on to establish their own clinics, work as private orthodontists, work in public hospitals, in private practice, and many more employment opportunities. 

Number 3: Endodontics (Ankara University)

Ankara University appears in a Top 10 list for universities in Turkey that offer an MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) and ranks 801-1000 in the QS World Rankings. Ankara is the capital of Turkey, so high-quality education is guaranteed. Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry was founded in 1959, and the Endodontics Master’s Degree course is their crown jewel. 

Students will train and hone their skills in endodontics throughout this postgraduate dental course, learning to diagnose and treat periapical diseases, how to perform root canal treatment, the materials used in endodontics, and how to treat dental injuries and trauma. 

Number 2: Orthodontics (Istanbul University)

Istanbul is possibly the best-known Turkish city and appears at the top of the list of the best 10 Universities in Turkey for MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) with a QS World Ranking of 801-1000. 

The Master Program of Orthodontics at Istanbul University is a two-year course designed to train qualified dentists in orthodontic dentistry to a high level, with modules covering how to make removable appliances such as dentures and braces, orthodontic treatment planning and diagnosis, and biomechanical principles. 

Number 1: Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry (The London Dental Institute)

While studying in Turkey may seem like a great option, there are many fantastic opportunities to gain a UK-accredited postgraduate online diploma with the London Dental Institute. With remote, flexible learning, a faculty of experts, and world-class resources, the LDi’s Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry PG Dip. is the perfect postgraduate course to attain without having to stop work, move, or incur any extra costs while studying. 

Hone your skills in assessment and diagnosis, learn how to prep teeth and secure long-term success, and learn how to restore endodontically treated teeth. 

No need to apply for a VISA or move across the world; with the London Dental Institute, you can study from home, at your own pace and in your own time, with virtual learning and unlimited support from tutors and peers at an affordable tuition cost. 

5 Top Reasons to Study at the LDi

Turkey offers postgraduate dental students many wonderful opportunities to further their education and clinical training, but the London Dental Institute allows Turkish residents to study abroad without ever leaving their homes. 

Turkey has some disadvantages when it comes to studying dentistry, including high tuition fees at the best private universities, the necessity of full-time learning, and no flexibility. 

All online diplomas are UK-accredited with the LDi, and postgraduate students can enjoy the following fantastic benefits: 

1.Affordable Tuition Fees 

Further education doesn’t have to be expensive, nor should it require you to stop working while you study and hone your skills. With the London Dental Institute, a UK-accredited PG Dip. can cost far less than attending a traditional university or dental school, with even better resources available to help you make the most of your course. Each course at the LDi can be paid in full or in instalments, cutting down on financial worry when pursuing further education. 

2.Remote Learning From Turkey 

Learn on the go, at home, or in the office with remote, flexible learning at the LDi. For fully-trained and working dental professionals, remote learning is the way forward, as it allows you to continue to earn an income while cementing your future in the dental profession.

3.High-Quality Education 

High-quality education should be available to everyone, and that is the core philosophy of the London Dental Institute. Study for a postgraduate diploma with us in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, with mentoring provided by expert tutors over a 12-month course duration. 

4.Cutting-Edge Educational Resources 

The LDi’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows you to treat patients with your newly acquired skills while studying for your course and connect with fellow students, peers, and tutors, allowing you to engage with a global dental community. The LDi Practical Training Kit is included in your chosen course cost, is delivered at no additional charge, and comes with a full range of useful clinical tools, including training models and equipment.

5.The LDi App

The LDi mobile app is the perfect tool for on-the-go learning, and every LDi student can utilise this user-friendly application for free, including all the course materials you need to immerse yourself in education. 

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