This One Trick Can Make Studying For a Postgraduate Diploma Online More Successful

As online learners and educators, we constantly seek ways to enhance our learning experiences and make the educational journey more engaging and effective. 

One powerful tool we can utilise is gamification. At the LDi, we do this with interactive features in our VLE, including an engaging student dashboard that intuitively helps you dive back into your course and a monthly leadership competition where students are awarded points and rewards.

This blog explores the gamification mechanisms behind our improved learning outcomes and how clinicians can use the same learning theory in their dental practices.

Introducing the Student Dashboard

The student dashboard is a personalised space in our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where students can manage their course progress and monitor their position on the leaderboard.

It looks like this:

But what makes our dashboard extra special is the theory behind it: gamification.

Understanding Gamification

Our brains naturally love playing games. Gamification is the theory that we can harness this in other, non-game contexts by using game-like features that make us feel engaged, motivated, and competitive.

Elements of this can be seen everywhere: on social media, in our smartwatches, and even in the gym. 

On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, features such as likes, shares, and comments create a sense of competition and reward, encouraging us to engage more often and keep coming back for more. 

Our smartwatches use gamification through activity rings and badges for achieving daily fitness goals, motivating us to stay active and healthy. If you’re an Apple Watch user who loves to close the rings, participate in monthly badges, or even challenge your friends to competitions, you’ll already be familiar with the power of gamification. 

In the gym, too, fitness apps and equipment often include challenges, leaderboards, and virtual rewards to keep us driven, motivated, and committed to our workout routines. You’re less likely to skip a workout if you’ve got a streak, if you’re winning a competition, or if you’re facing a showdown with your friend, and your gym knows it.

The Best Thing About Gamification

But the best thing about gamification?

Once you know about this learning theory, you can put it to use on yourself! How? Try rewarding yourself when you’ve hit a target, record streaks of positive action, or get involved in the LDi leaderboard competition to earn points and keep yourself motivated online.

You can also use this in your dental practice, introducing game-based elements to reward positive oral healthcare behaviours in your patients, inspiring action for points, shout-outs, and small rewards.

Ultimately, humans are competitive by nature. We tend to enjoy game-like behaviours, and we can use this to our advantage by inspiring ourselves through games to learn, train, and even go to the dentist more!

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How Gamification Enhances Learning

But gamification isn’t just about making things fun; it’s about enhancing outcomes from processes. 

By integrating game elements into the learning process at the London Dental Institute, we’re using the latest in cutting-edge educational research to tap into students’ intrinsic motivations. This leads to increased engagement, better information retention, and a more enjoyable learning experience overall.

Applying Gamification in Dental Practice

The benefits of gamification extend beyond your virtual classroom. 

In your dental practice, you can introduce game-based elements to encourage positive oral healthcare behaviours in your patients. 

Consider creating a points system for patients who maintain regular check-ups, follow oral hygiene instructions, or participate in educational activities about dental health. Offering small rewards or recognition can inspire patients to take better care of their oral health, ultimately leading to better outcomes and a healthier smile.

Looking to Enrol on a Postgraduate Diploma This Year?

If you’re excited about the possibilities that gamification can bring to your learning and practice, consider enrolling in one of our postgraduate diploma courses. 

Our programmes are designed to leverage innovative techniques like gamification to enhance your educational experience and help you achieve your professional goals.

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