5 Ways to Choose the Right Postgraduate Dental Programme

Prospective postgraduate students may be struggling to decide which postgraduate programmes are right for them. For working dentists, professional development is key to a successful career and sets you on the path of high-earning potential and greater opportunity. The London Dental Institute offers several excellent postgraduate courses to help boost your career and become the best dentist you can be.

Read on to learn more about how to choose the right postgraduate programme for you and the five factors to consider when making this important decision for your life and career.

How To Choose A Postgraduate Dental Course

Deciding to pursue a postgraduate programme is a huge decision, and deciding where, what, and how to study are all important factors to consider. A postgraduate degree boosts your clinical dentistry knowledge and expands your career prospects. You may also want to dive into a new field or advance your skills after your initial studies.

Continuing professional development should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to your dental career, and a Postgraduate Diploma is the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to constant improvement and personal growth. Postgraduate students also decide on this path to keep up to date with developments in dentistry and enhance their dental career portfolio.

Here are five things to consider when choosing the right course for you:

1. Eligibility and Entry Requirements

When beginning your research into postgraduate programmes, you must consider your eligibility for your chosen courses. Successful applicants to most dental schools will require a completed undergraduate degree and working experience, but extra criteria such as academic prerequisites or minimum grades may apply.

Every university and dental school is different, but depending on whether you are an international or domestic student, the entry requirements may differ. You may be given an English language proficiency test or be required to obtain a visa to study abroad, all adding extra stress and cost to your education journey.

2. Prioritising Patient Care

As a working dentist trying to better themselves and their practice with further education, prioritising patient care is key. A full-time course would mean leaving your patients without your outstanding clinical care, as opposed to part-time or short courses where you can continue to care for your patients and provide extended treatments as you learn. You may find that leaving your practice to study is a step in the wrong direction, as your clients may decide to switch practices in your absence.

3. Considering Cost

As well as the cost of the course itself, if you choose to study in person, then you may have to consider relocation, whether domestically or internationally. The costs of accommodation, daily living expenses, and the degree itself should be factors when choosing where to get your postgraduate diploma. Some postgraduate degrees can cost tens of thousands of pounds and require two or even three years of study, all ramping up overall costs. There are also often enhanced degree costs to bear if you are an international student.

4. Where To Study

Whether you want to study abroad or stay at home, several countries across the globe offer world-class education, including the UK. The UK offers several top dental institutions, including Queen Mary University of London, Cardiff University, and the University of Aberdeen. However, these schools will require you to attend in person, usually for a year full-time, which may not fit your work and life schedule. Choosing to study remotely may be the best option for dentists who want to continue to work while honing their skills and providing excellent treatment.

5. How To Learn

Deciding whether you want to be taught face-to-face or learn via distance learning can be tough, but there are pros and cons to both methods of obtaining your postgraduate degree. Distance learning can be easier for those who want to balance their education and work and learn on the go on their own schedule. Face-to-face may be preferable for those who wish to immerse themselves fully in their chosen course and are willing to commute or relocate to attend lectures and seminars.

Postgraduate Programmes at the LDi

If you’re interested in postgraduate dentistry courses, look no further than the LDi. Every Postgraduate Diploma course we offer is 12 months of part-time, remote learning. Whether you want to build on restorative dentistry skills, oral health, and more, a PG Dip. from the LDi reduces costs while still offering a UK-accredited qualification while also offering convenience with remote, flexible learning designed to fit your busy schedule. Continue to work while you study with world-class educational resources, an expert faculty, and enrollment available for both prospective domestic and international students.

The LDi’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows you to treat patients with your newly acquired skills and be mentored by experts. The LDi Practical Training Kit includes training models and equipment to hone your new skills. The LDi mobile app is specially crafted for students and contains all the resources you need to study in your own time and at your own pace.

Find The Right Course For You

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