Five of the Best Countries To Get Your Postgraduate Diploma

Postgraduate Diplomas are offered worldwide in the field of dentistry, helping dentists move into a more advanced and profitable career. 

Still, the global options are so vast that you may need help deciding where to begin! With several countries to consider and many universities offering excellent academic programmes alongside state-of-the-art approaches to learning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options when embarking on postgraduate education. 

This article breaks down the best countries in the world for dental postgraduate education, concluding that the best choice for you may not be very far away at all.

The Best Postgraduate Diplomas Around the World

If you’re interested in gaining your Postgraduate Diploma in the field of dentistry, you have many choices and factors to consider. Whether you want to uproot your life to study abroad or stay at home and learn remotely, several countries across the globe offer world-class education. Discover the best postgraduate options for you and get ready to boost your career.

Number 5: Australia 

Dentistry is a highly respected and sought-after profession in Australia, and the high demand means salaries follow suit. Australian medical and dentistry schools rank among the highest in the world, including the dental schools of the University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide, and the University of Sydney. 

The University of Sydney, in particular, offers many incredible opportunities to study dentistry at its leading institution. As Australia’s first dental school, this prestigious title is backed up by its status as a top 20 global university (QS World University Rankings 2024). 

One of their most unique postgraduate programmes is the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Conscious Sedation and Pain Control). This exciting course offers students the opportunity to study sedation, upgrade their skills in diagnosis, and learn about advanced life support. This diploma can boost your clinical knowledge and techniques to a new level as a general dental practitioner. 

This particular course is two years part-time and requires face-to-face learning. No distance learning is offered in this programme, meaning you cannot study from home or adjust your learning around your current schedule. You can study as a domestic student if you own an Australian or New Zealand visa or citizenship or an international student if you do not hold citizenship or permanent residency status. A successful applicant to this programme will hold a Bachelor of Dentistry, at a minimum, from the University of Sydney or an equivalent institution or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Australian Dental Board.

The overall cost for this course is around $39,000 AUD (over £19,000), and if you are not already living south of the equator, uprooting your life to study in Australia may be a financial risk to your blossoming career. 

Number 4: Brazil 

Studying postgraduate dentistry in Brazil can lead to a competitive career as a dentist in the country. Dentistry is one of the most in-demand professions in Brazil, but studying there can take a lot of work for non-natives. Admission requirements can include fluency in Portuguese and passing an entrance exam. The best dental schools in Brazil include the University of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro State University.

The University of São Paulo is Brazil’s leading institution and the largest public university that offers English-taught programmes in Brazil. The Postgraduate Programme in Dental Sciences covers ten concentrations, including Forensic Dentistry, Social Dentistry, and Periodontics. Tuition fees vary between citizens and international students and cost around $1000 USD per year. While this may seem inexpensive, accommodation and general living costs will raise this total exponentially.

Number 3: China 

Dental schools in China require unerring dedication and require students to put in long hours to meet their expectations of a strong work ethic. Universities such as Hong Kong and Peking University offer virtual-reality labs where students can learn and practise dental procedures. While the technology is cutting edge, studying postgraduate dentistry in China for non-native dentists would mean meeting several different entry requirements.

Peking University offers two or three-year courses for master’s degrees and currently offers 12 master’s programmes entirely conducted in English. International students are also not required to take the Chinese language proficiency exam, which other universities demand. 

Visa requirements are stringent, and successful applicants must produce documents and travel to the embassy or Chinese consulate to apply for their Student Visa. Peking University also requires all international students to be medically insured, adding extra costs. The average cost of a postgraduate programme at the university is 33,000 RMB per year (Chinese Yuan), or £3,500. However, the estimated cost of living totals around £10,000, which is a total of around £40,000 if you undertake the 3-year course.

Number 2: The UK

The UK has some of the best educational institutions in the world for studying dentistry and provides theoretical and practical experience for international students. Dentistry is also an in-demand profession in the UK, and dentists who can offer extended services to patients are also much needed. Postgraduate dentistry courses in the UK provide educational experiences for undergraduates and fully-trained dentists to hone and improve their skills. 

The top dental schools in the UK include Queen Mary University of London, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Aberdeen. Queen Mary University of London, in particular, is joint-first for research impact (REF 2014), ranked 14th in the world for dentistry in the QS World University Rankings, and offers many excellent postgraduate programmes. One of these such courses is the Craniofacial Trauma Reconstruction Online MSc. This programme offers distance learning only at a cost of £7,150 per year for domestic students and £12,250 per year for international students.

Entry requirements for students from the UK include a medical degree, two or more years of basic training, and current employment in medicine. Part-time work of at least two days per week is accepted. International students must have a medical or dental degree (MBBS, BDS, MD) recognised by Queen Mary University of London. 

Number 1: Your Own Country!

Wherever you are right now is the best country to study dentistry when you study with the LDi and get a UK accreditation so your patients can benefit from your new expertise, and you can progress your career. Remote learning could be the best choice for you and your patients, as you can continue to work and provide excellent care as you earn your Postgraduate Diploma.

The London Dental Institute is the best choice for a UK-accredited postgraduate diploma. Our range of Postgraduate Diploma courses is designed to fit your schedule. Our groundbreaking advanced virtual learning environment (VLE) and mobile app allow you to study for part or all of your qualifications online with ease. Study as you work with flexible and remote learning catered to you and your needs.

5 Reasons to Study in Your Own Country

If you want to study dentistry abroad in the UK but don’t know where to begin, read on to continue your journey to attain a PG Dip. with the LDi.

1. Financial Cost

If you’re worried about the financial implications of further education, here’s how you can get a UK-accredited Postgraduate Diploma from the LDi for a fraction of the cost. While some full-time non-distance learning courses in the UK can cost up to £50,000, the LDi offers affordable instalment payments and allows you to continue working as a dentist while you learn. 

2. Flexible Learning

Flexible, online learning is not only the future—it’s the present. As the demand for flexibility in education increases, the LDi has risen to meet that critical need. Studying online and in your own time offers fully-trained and working dentists the flexibility to expand their horizons at home with the LDi, and there are several benefits to studying online in the UK.

3. High-Quality Education 

For students who are unable to access high-quality education in person, studying a dental course from home with the LDi is an excellent option. The London Dental Institute offers a number of courses, including Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry and Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, with mentoring provided by expert tutors over the 12-month course duration. 

4. Excellent Educational Resources 

To learn efficiently, you need educational resources at your fingertips. The LDi’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows you to treat patients with your newly acquired skills while studying for your course. Upload a patient’s case notes to the VLE, and experts will mentor you on how to do that live case. The LDi Practical Training Kit is included in your chosen course cost and is delivered at no additional charge. The comprehensive kit includes training models and equipment for use during the practical training exercise.

5. The London Dental Institute App

The LDi mobile app was crafted for students enrolled in a Postgraduate Diploma course. The user-friendly LDi app is perfect for dentists who want all the resources possible at their fingertips to use at their leisure. Every London Dental Institute student enjoys free access to this incredible resource, and the app includes all the materials you need for your chosen PG Dip. course, available on both iOS and Android.

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