Dental Postgraduate Courses in the UK to Level Up Your Career

If you’re looking to improve your dental career prospects, now is the time.

In the rapidly changing and evolving world of modern dentistry, it has never been more important to invest in your career to ensure you stand out. As more advanced clinical and specialised techniques are introduced to the field, it’s truly essential that you not only continue with your dental education but truly take charge of your dental prospects through postgraduate courses that open doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to become a dentist who works in the NHS, a specialist in your chosen field or you’re looking to improve your dental practice by offering better and wider services to your patients, a postgraduate course will go a long way to contributing to a more fulfilling career that provides better outcomes.

From honing your skills in aesthetic dentistry to refining your knowledge of periodontology, an internationally-recognised postgraduate diploma is key to advancing you towards the future of dentistry. Doing your research, assessing your goals and shopping around for courses as well as looking into the institutions you want to study at is a huge part of the process.

With a plethora of postgraduate courses in the UK available for you to choose from, we bring you the best postgraduate courses in the UK to level up your career.

Invest In Your Dental Career

The one thing every dentist needs to know when it comes to career development is that standing still and not moving forward is not an option. Dentistry is fast-paced and in a constant state of flux so it’s important to strategise your next steps for success. 

Dental professionals that understand the value of progress recognise that investing in their careers is not only a wise decision, it’s also an essential one. This requires embracing continuous learning, and there’s no better way to do it than through postgraduate courses.

Why It’s Important To Continue Dental Education

As a dental professional, your skills, both theoretical and practical, are your most valuable asset. Without them, you can’t practise dentistry. Just like any other industry, dentistry evolves rapidly, particularly with new techniques, technologies, and best practices emerging on a regular basis. 

Continuous learning and dental education ensures that you’re not left behind, but that you remain at the forefront of innovation. From the latest advancements in dental procedures to new and advanced diagnostic tools, postgraduate courses and education offer a direct path to keeping your skills razor-sharp and ultimately improving your dental prospects.

Staying On Top Of Your Skills

With the dental field being vast and encompassing a multitude of specialisms to choose from, trying to choose from a postgraduate course, especially the right one, is going to be a minefield. 

Knowing which one to choose and where to begin depends on your goals and aspirations.

The greatest advantage of postgraduate education is that the courses allow you to delve deeply into these areas and help you to acquire and develop specialised knowledge that will not only boost your confidence but will also set you apart in your field.

Whether it’s advanced oral surgery techniques, implantology, or orthodontics, you want to choose a course that will fully equip you with the expertise to excel in your chosen specialism.

The Challenge Of Time Management

Juggling a bustling dental practice, patient care, and personal commitments can leave you with a shortage of time. With lifestyle and family commitments and a full-on work schedule, it can be a struggle to try to find the time and even headspace to knuckle down and study. After all, it’s not like when you were at university where you had all the time you needed to read all the course materials and practise your clinical skills.

Having left university life, a postgraduate course feels like an added burden but if you want to move forward in your dental career, you’re going to need to make time. 

Advancing Dental Education Through Online Study

If you’re wondering how you can fit postgraduate studies around your life, you’ll be pleased to hear that the days of studying on-campus are no longer the only option available.

With the advent of technology, postgraduate courses online have become a game-changer to advancing dental education. With several flexible online learning options available, these courses have been designed to fit around your life and work schedule, and are adapted to your pace. 

With places like the London Dental Institute offering world-class and internationally-recognised dental postgraduate diplomas, you can enhance your dental skills without disrupting your busy work routine. 

This is where postgraduate courses can be a game-changer. They’re designed to fit into your schedule, offering flexible online learning options that adapt to your pace. Imagine enhancing your skills without disrupting your busy routine – it’s not just a possibility, but a reality through these courses.

3 Dental Postgraduate Courses You Can Study Online

We bring you 3 postgraduate courses from world-class UK dental institutes that allow you to study online and upgrade your dental skills.

1. Diploma In Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.) — London Dental Institute

This postgraduate course is your ticket to well-rounded support throughout your dental education and career, giving you an edge in this area of dentistry. A standout feature is its remarkable flexibility that allows you to pursue studies from anywhere across the globe while still being able to continue working and other commitments. This convenience comes courtesy of an adaptable online platform enriched with blended learning, handy practical training kits, and the user-friendly LDi app.

The PG Dip. in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry lays out an all-encompassing curriculum, arming you with the confidence to offer a diverse range of treatment options to your patients. Over the span of 12 months, you’ll dive into evidence-based practices and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in the field.

Throughout the course, you’ll delve into fundamental subjects like craniofacial anatomy, the art of smile design, precise tooth preparation, and the intricate world of dental implant restoration. Whether your sights are set on offering more services in private dentistry or acquiring specialised skills as an NHS dentist, this course will bolster your overall dental practice prowess, and set you apart.

Backed by a lineup of over 30 international expert lecturers, the programme offers immersive online learning modules and hands-on practical training. The emphasis on continuous support, interactive study clubs, and annual in-person training in London crafts a dynamic and fulfilling learning experience that paves the way for a fulfilling and enjoyable career in restorative and aesthetic dentistry.


The programme costs £9,995, which is payable in a one-time payment. Alternatively, you have the option to pay in £833 instalments over twelve months, allowing you to spread the cost without an undue financial burden. The cost encompasses the use of the online learning platform and the Practical Kit.

How does the online study option work?

The course is 100% online and flexibly run via an online platform provided by the London Dental Institute. There is an optional in-person annual conference in London which is run by the faculty and allows dental students to network as well as consolidate their practical skills. However, this aspect of the course doesn’t contribute to the attainment of the diploma.

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2. Endodontics MSc – King’s College London

The comprehensive Endodontics MSc programme at King’s College London is meticulously crafted to equip you with the expertise needed to proficiently handle intricate and challenging endodontic cases. Through this course, you’ll gain access to the latest evidence-based insights in endodontology, allowing you to integrate and practise endodontic therapy into the broader realm of restorative dentistry, while also developing research skills.

The beauty of this course lies in its primarily online delivery, providing you with the flexibility to study from any part of the world with minimal disruption to your personal and professional commitments, all the while benefiting from world-class instructional content. 

The immersive face-to-face, week-long residential blocks, where you can hone your clinical skills and techniques under the guidance of highly experienced tutors and academics. These blocks, held at the KCL facility at the Waterloo Campus, offer intensive training that solidifies your learning journey.

This three-year MSc course builds your knowledge and confidence to tackle complex endodontic scenarios. Whether diagnosing, planning treatment, or conducting clinical procedures, you’ll be well-prepared to excel in this field.


Part-time fees for this programme are £14,940 per year for both UK and overseas students. This cost doesn’t include materials and equipment — this counts as an additional cost to the course.

How does the online study option work?

The course brings you a mix of online learning through the King’s E-learning and Teaching Service (KEATS), providing informative content, interactive segments, assignments, and access to King’s Library Facilities. You’ll connect with tutors and classmates through online tutorials and discussions. Over the first two years, immersive face-to-face lectures and hands-on training take place in intensive week-long sessions on campus.

3. Paediatric Dentistry MSc — Eastman Dental Institute, University College London

Tailored for working dentists aiming to excel in paediatric dentistry, the three-year Paediatric Dentistry MSc at Eastman Dental Institute, UCL is a blended learning master’s programme where online education is integrated with practical simulated clinical training. This course allows dentists to enhance their paediatric dentistry skills while balancing their work commitments, offering reduced contact days and competitive fees that make it an ideal fit for those pursuing a career in this field.

Combining theoretical learning and hands-on technical proficiency, this course is a prime opportunity, especially for international students seeking high-calibre education and training. 

While patient treatment isn’t conducted at the Eastman, mandatory lab weeks will be essential. 

The course lets you learn from UCL’s experts and specialise in the paediatric domain. It’s thoughtfully designed for busy dentists in various practice contexts, offering flexibility for those treating children in clinics approximately two days per week. 

Assessments are integrated throughout, culminating in a dissertation for the MSc level. Lab weeks, online instruction, and research projects enrich your educational experience. Ultimately, this programme equips dentists with the skills and knowledge essential for excellence in paediatric dentistry, allowing them to improve the care they offer to young patients.


Part-time fees start from £7,900 and do not include additional fees for training materials, equipment and study documents.

How does the online study option work?

The programme employs a blend of online lectures, quizzes, collaborative exercises, and case-based discussions, as well as formative and summative assessments. Research appraisal and journal clubs contribute to the learning process along with practical sessions and group discussions. Hands-on clinical skills are taught during lab weeks at UCL including clinical skills laboratories with dental manikins and microscopes for anatomical identification.

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Moving Forward With Your Dental Career — The Next Step

Taking postgraduate courses to advance your dentistry career is a smart step that can really take your career to new dimensions. Maintaining a competitive edge in dentistry needs ongoing learning and adjusting to the most recent developments. Postgraduate programmes help you stand out in your chosen field of study while also improving your specialised skills, confidence, and self-awareness.

The London Dental Institute (LDi) stands out as a model of excellence for postgraduate dentistry education. The Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry from LDi is among one of their many courses that meet the demands of practising dentists, enabling them to advance their knowledge while keeping up with their dental practice. LDi offers a flexible online platform, knowledgeable faculty, and a thorough curriculum with a dynamic and enriching learning experience through ongoing support, interactive study clubs, and hands-on training.

Are you ready to take the plunge? At LDi, we’re always looking to advance dental education to improve patient outcomes. Explore our featured postgraduate dental courses and enrol to further your dental profession. Improve your talents, distinguish yourself in your field, and leave a lasting impression on your patients’ dental health and well-being. Contact the London Dental Institute to begin your journey to achieving more in your dental career.

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