Postgraduate Dentistry Courses at the London Dental Institute

If you’re interested in advancing your career as a dental professional, you might be considering postgraduate dentistry courses. The London Dental Institute’s selection of high-quality and unique courses can boost your clinical skills, expand the treatments you offer to patients, and increase your confidence in diagnosis and care.

Whether you want to build on your knowledge of treatments, become an expert in a field you already practise, or broaden your clinical horizons, the LDi has the right PG Dip. for you.

This article guides you through the best postgraduate dentistry courses at the London Dental Institute. 

The Ideal Postgraduate Dentistry Courses For You 

If you’re interested in boosting your career with postgraduate dentistry courses, the London Dental Institute has plenty of choices for you to consider. As one of the UK’s leading training institutes for dentists, we offer the highest quality of education to our students.

Enrolling in any of our postgraduate dentistry courses will allow you to grow your dental practice and your career, opening up endless opportunities. Every UK Postgraduate Diploma course we offer is 12 months of part-time, remote learning. Discover the best postgraduate options for you and get ready to boost your career.

Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry

The Diploma in Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry from the London Dental Institute is ideal for dentists who want to refine their skills in perfecting smiles. Whether your patient wants treatment for aesthetic purposes or restoring their natural teeth, this PG Dip. will give you an expert understanding of everything involved. 

This postgraduate course comprises six units, each encompassing several modules. This high-quality learning experience is backed by expert lecturers and the flexibility of learning online. 

You’ll study The Foundations of Restorative Dentistry, which will provide you with knowledge of craniofacial anatomy, mimicking natural tooth structures, and all the information you need to arm yourself with when putting your new clinical skills into practice. 

This popular course also includes units on Principles of Assessment and Diagnosis, which focuses on smile design and clinical photography, as well as a unit on Fundamental Clinical Skills needed for advanced restorative dentistry and aesthetic dentistry.

Students in this course are also taught about tooth preparation, adhesive restorative techniques, and more in the Aesthetic Dental Restorations unit. Dentists who wish to boost their skills in tooth surface loss and restoration in intricate cases will learn advanced techniques in Complex and Multidisciplinary Treatment.

This 12-month online learning Postgraduate Diploma is only £9,995 due to the flexible study offered. You’ll still receive an accredited UK industry-standard diploma without the need to stop working while you study. The cost of the course also covers our specially prepared LDi Practical Training Kit, which will be mailed to your address anywhere in the world free of charge.

Learn more about the Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry postgraduate course here, and start your journey to perfecting your patients’ smiles. 

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics

Dentists who wish to expand upon their skill set in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics should consider this postgraduate course. The Diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics is made up of six comprehensive units with 25 modules. 

Expert tutoring is provided by a team of over 30 lecturers committed to providing the best dental orthodontics education possible. This postgraduate course is designed to enhance knowledge in orthodontics for dental professionals and establish you as a highly qualified dentist in this field.

Units included in this unique postgraduate course include the Principles of Orthodontic Assessment and Diagnosis, which will lay the foundation for learning about the biology of tooth movements. Treatment Planning and Essential Clinical Skills is where you’ll build on your knowledge of forming effective treatment plans and prepare you for the next unit, where you’ll explore Orthodontic Appliances in detail.

Dental clinicians will get to grips with open bites and asymmetries and gain a deeper understanding of long-term cases with Advanced Clinical Skills in Orthodontics. Expand your knowledge base in paediatric cases as well as adult treatment with the Applied Principles of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics unit, and become a fully-fledged expert by completing the final unit of Advanced Orthodontic Treatment.

This Postgraduate Diploma is £9,995 and features flexible learning to fit your schedule over 12 months. You’ll receive a UK-accredited and GDC-approved diploma without having to stop treatment for your patients. Secure your place with an initial non-refundable deposit payment of £832 (+ VAT for UK applicants), and await your free LDi Practical Training Kit in the post, with worldwide shipping free of charge. 

Discover if the Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics postgraduate course is right for you here.

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Postgraduate Dentistry Courses At The LDi

Postgraduate dentistry courses with the London Dental Institute offer high-quality education at affordable prices without the need to stop providing excellent care for your patients. Continue to work alongside flexible online study, supported by a team of expert tutors.

Read on to find out more about our unique learning approach.

Flexible Learning to Fit Your Schedule

Refine your expertise from home or on the go, all while you continue to work. All of our postgraduate dentistry courses offer remote learning, meaning you can study online and in your own time while continuing to practise and be there for your patients.

Domestic and International Students Welcome

Our postgraduate dentistry courses are open to dental professionals from the UK and worldwide, offering a unique opportunity for dentists to widen their skill set. The option to study any of our courses online without needing to travel opens our doors to international students. 

Every student who wishes to enrol on our courses must possess a primary dental qualification (e.g., BDS or equivalent), have a minimum of one year’s experience as a registered dental practitioner, and demonstrate English language proficiency (if English is not their first language).

Excellent Educational Resources

The LDi offers the highest level of educational resources and tools possible for your postgraduate dentistry course. Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows you to treat patients with your newly acquired skills while studying for your course. The bespoke mobile app is perfect for keeping up to date on all available information for your course, and the LDi Practical Training Kit allows students to build their skills in their own time with the training models and equipment provided. 

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