Why Postgraduate Courses Are Important For Dentistry Graduates

If you’re a dentistry graduate looking to continue your education and professional development, consider a postgraduate course in a specific area of dentistry. Postgraduate courses are perfect for dentists who want to boost their knowledge and advance their career prospects by offering extended treatments to their patients.

Whether you already have a specific field in mind or are just browsing your options, the LDi has all the courses you need as a dentistry graduate. Read on to discover the Postgraduate Diploma courses on offer and how your career can advance with extra knowledge.

Top Dental Fields

Many dentistry graduates pursue a Postgraduate Diploma after completing their initial studies, and there are many popular dental fields to choose from. Maximising earning potential and professional development is key to a successful career in dentistry, and choosing the right Postgraduate course is crucial.

The LDi offers four unique courses for undergraduate working dentists, perfectly matched to the top dental fields listed below.


Orthodontics is a particularly popular field for dentistry graduates, where professional dentists are trained to diagnose and treat dental problems such as misalignments in the teeth and jaws. An orthodontist uses devices such as braces and retainers to correct misalignments and straighten teeth. Dentists who pursue this career path often find the work fulfilling and the earning potential satisfying.

Discover the Diploma in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics (PG Dip.) at the LDi, a 12-month part-time programme for dentistry graduates offering online learning. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many dentists pursue cosmetic dentistry, as the demand for such work has increased exponentially as many patients ask for aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of their teeth, gums, or bites. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of a patient’s smile, including colour, shape, size, and overall appearance. Treatments may include white fillings, teeth whitening, veneers, and invisible braces. 

Explore the Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry (PG Dip.) offered by the London Dental Institute and become an expert in cosmetic dentistry within 12 months.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

It is crucial for students of dentistry to continue their professional development as they progress in their careers, and a Postgraduate Diploma is the perfect way to enhance your skills and demonstrate constant growth and improvement. CPD is also about keeping your knowledge up to date with new developments in dentistry and maintaining patient safety and health. 

Discover Postgraduate Courses at the LDi

The London Dental Institute offers all the postgraduate courses that dentistry graduates need. The LDi offers high-quality education at affordable prices without the need to stop working. Continue to work alongside online study, supported by a team of tutors and excellent resources.

Postgraduate Courses for Dentistry Graduates

Explore the course option that’s right for you at the LDi. Each of our unique courses caters to dentistry graduates who wish to pursue a career in a specific area. Study part-time for 12 months with flexible online learning, meaning you can continue to polish your clinical skills in your private or NHS practice as a working dental professional and study without any sacrifice. 

Study Online to Fit Your Schedule

The LDi offers the best educational resources and tools possible for your dentistry course. Students at the London Dental Institute are welcome to utilise our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which allows access to lectures, case studies, and a forum to receive feedback available 24/7. The LDi Mobile App is also available as a useful tool for any dentistry graduate who chooses to study with us, allowing remote learning any time you need. Finally, enrolling in any of our courses will grant you a Practical Training Kit that simulates dental treatments, helping you gain confidence and experience in your new clinical skills.

Learn More with the LDi

Pick your Postgraduate course and realise your potential with training at the London Dental Institute. Study your chosen field with top-quality educational tools and expert tutors while you continue to work and enhance your clinical skills.

Discover flexible and affordable Postgraduate course options for dentistry graduates with the LDi. Chat with one of our enrollment advisors, or click here to find out more today.

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